June 11, 2013

Summer Schedule

Over the last several weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how much fun we intend to have this summer.  And, that’s true.  The girls are excitedly mulling over more than 60 ideas and things to do.  But, life can’t be all fun and games no matter how much we may wish it to be true.  There’s still things to do and in addition, I worry about the girls losing skills over summer break.  This is extra important in regards to Littlebit and Baby Bee who have needed extra help to catch them up to their peers.

Also, with more of us at home for more hours every day, the house gets a lot messier than it does during the school year.  The work I do just doesn’t stay as long.

So, in order to keep things working well and moving forward AND motivating the kids to help, be active and keep on top of their skills, we’ve established and easy, basic schedule and it looks like this.


Wake up at your lesiure.  Watch t.v. and eat breakfast.

There’s no rush to get up most summer mornings.  On occasion, we may have a morning play date or appointment we can’t miss, but for the most part, we have long, languid expanses of time in the morning to slowly acclimate to our day.

Be dressed and ready for the day by 10 a.m.

We’re all more productive when we’re dressed and ready to go and, laying around too long in comfy jammies makes it really hard to get anything done.

Do Chores from 10 to 11

The girls really don’t have an hour of work, but that’s how long it usually takes to motivate Littlebit to get the work done.  The chores are posted on the fridge every Monday and the Princess and Littlebit follow along (and earn money for an upcoming vacation we’re very excited about).

Learning/Reading for 30 minutes

I’m loose with the activities the girls pick here.  They can read or work on the grad level work books I have here in the house (Yes, the Princes has one too.  It’s a math book and while it’s a little below her grade level, she’s found the extra help with basic skills to be very useful, so consider that for your kiddos.)

Play Outside for 30 minutes

I encourage as much playing out as we can fit in, but sometimes it gets easy to just NOT. If we roll into an early lunch, we can be out the door and having summer fun quicker, but I think this unstructured play time is so important.

Lunch at home

A big cost when we’re all at home is the meals out.  A simple trip for lunch at McDonald’s costs just about $30.  Lunch at home also ensures that planned outings like bowling or the zoo cost less money because no one is begging for lunch (but I usually do buy drinks.  It gets hot in the summer, man)

Afternoons are for fun

We don’t always leave home (in fact, some days our activity is to do nothing but be as lazy as possible in our pajamas)

Start clean up and dinner at 5.

This isn’t a hard and fast time frame, but it’s what I aim toward. Dinner prep usually takes an hour unless I’m purposely trying for quick meals

Clean up after dinner

This is key to starting off the next day ahead and it’s something we try very hard to do every night, even when school is in session.  In the summer time, I don’t feel the need to push everyone to clean up immediatly after dinner (I do during the school year.  Our evening time is just more limited).  For instance, after dinner last night we all went outside.  The girls played.  Big Daddy and I lounged.  We did some yard work (I’ve been working on getting our front landscaping in shape.  It’s a LOT of work).  We played out until 8ish and then went in to make sure the living room was cleaned up, the table was cleared, the counters were wiped off and the dishes were done.

I’m excited that we seem to be able to fit so much in.  I try not to be too inflexible, because that spoils the fun.  What does your summer schedule look like?  Any tips or hints to share?

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