August 26, 2013

Back to School–AND the menu plan

The summer blew by in a flash. I’d like to use some other words to tell you that we were busy, but, well, we were busy. We entertained a lot (six summer weekends total by the time labor day rolls through) and spent a lot of time in the car between our home in Northeastern Ohio and Toledo where the Princess was undergoing peanut desensitization. As always, when summer wanes, I always wish we had done more. But, we did manage to eradicate the fear of a life threatening allergy from the lives of one of our children, so I guess, overall, we did something amazing despite taking no trips. I’ll be talking more about the Princess’s desensitization this week as well. It’s a Very Big Deal and I want to encourage the parents of other allergic children. It’s a big step and a scary one, too, but so worth it.

My two big girls were off to school today. Eighth grade for the lovely Princess and first grade for our sweet Littlebit. Baby bee goes back in a week and, as always, I feel a little teary and sad when the girls troop off to school and I stay behind. But, that’s part of being a mother, isn’t it? Our goal isn’t to make them into life long companions. Our goal is for them to fly (while always hoping they always come home).

The Princess-Eighth Grade

Littlebit-First Grade

Life, of course, is a bit more busy this year. The Princess started marching band this summer and we’re lining up dance and gymnastics for the little girls in the fall. All of our extra commitments mean that finding delicious, quick meals that are healthy and point friendly (yes, weight watchers) is a huge deal. I’ve started a new page above titles Express Meals where I’ll keep a running list of my very favorite.

But, for now, the menu plan:

Monday School girls’ choice.

Tuesday Pesto Mozzarella Grilled Waffle Sandwiches (with a plain cheese option for the girls) served with fresh fruit and veggies

Wednesday Honey chicken kabobs with grilled veggies and rice

Thusday The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Taco Salad–We made this salad a few weeks ago and it was amazing.  Seriously, but since I”m on Weight Watchers, I had to part ways with the Pioneer Woman’s recipe a few times.  I saw no reasons to use tablespoons of oil to cook some chicken.  A little bit of butter to keep the meat from sticking was more than enough.  I also used reduced fat cheese and used only a few ounces of corn chips (actually, just 1) on my salad.  I will admit it was a 12 point salad (now you faint) but it was a HUGE amount of food (I didn’t finish it) and super filling.

Friday Hot knockwurst on the grill, corn on the cob and fresh fruit

Saturday Something smoked, as some of Big Daddy’s family is coming from IL and he loves to show off.

Sunday  I heard a rumor we may be getting some Chicago deep dish.




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