September 18, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday#1

What I Ate Wednesday is a blog thing that Healthy Living Bloggers participate in. It’s hosted by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. Most of these ladies are thin, at their ideal weight and probably exercise more in one hour than I do in a week. However, I thought there was probably some good benefit to my sharing what I’m eating in a day, not just to share ideas, but to be accountable.

I’ll be sharing the point totals as well as any recipes I used.

Breakfast is becoming a usual.  1 egg and 2 egg whites mixed with some Tobasco sauce.  I start it in on the stove to cook the bottom and finish it in the oven to cook the top.  I use cooking spray and it makes a super easy to flip omelet.  Today, I used three slices of Land o’ Lakes American cheese sliced thin (about half an ounce of cheese, total) inside.  Paired with a honey crisp apple (yum!) and an iced coffee (8 oz skim milk, 2 tbsp of homemade simple syrup which has a slightly lower sugar content so it becomes 1 pt for 2 tbsp and 2 oz of Trader Joe’s cold brewed coffee)

Breakfast total-eggs 5 pts, apple 0 pts, coffee 3 pts

I’m all out of soup, but I’ll be making another crock of it this week.  Maybe not this exact soup, but having soup on hand to heat up in the microwave has been a life saver this past week. A few days when I had skipped breakfast, fast food was tempting, but I promised myself a good cup of potato soup when I got home and I was able to resist temptation.  I paired it with a chicken sausage (sold at Wal-mart), some carrot sticks (which I didn’t like.  I don’t know if they were old, but they weren’t pleasant) and a tbsp of french onion dip made with 2% greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

Lunch Total-Soup 4 pts, sausage 4 pts, carrots 0 pts, Greek Yogurt french onion dip (1 tbsp) 0 pts

Have I talked about reducing refined carbs? If not, I’m working to reduce my refined carbs. I have NOT given up carbs and I likely won’t. I like things that are made up of flour and sugar, but I understand that I have to eat them sparingly; more as garnish than a meal. This original recipe called for it to be served over a bed of rice, but I know that’s a lot of refined carbs which make me bloat AND a lot of points. I added a cup of lettuce and reduced my rice to a half a cup.

Fajita skillet-8 pts, 1/2 c of rice-3 pts, 1 cup of romaine lettuce-0 pts

I will absolutely be making this skillet again. It was so good and super easy! I sliced up some boneless, skinless chicken thighs, bell peppers and half of a sweet onion and tossed it with a little bit of olive oil, cumin and chili powder. As things cooked, I tossed in a cup of frozen corn and about a half a cup of black beans. When things were finished, I squeezed in the juice of one lime. It’s so good, I think we’ll have it next week too.

Total daily points used:25

Okay, let’s talk a minute about the points left sitting on the table today.I have more points that I could use. I try REALLY hard not to snack after dinner these days as I kind of got into a bit of a habit about it. I wasn’t hungry, I was eating. I understand what prevailing diet wisdom says about the importance of eating often and eating small meals. I am not leaving points on the table because I believe that by vastly under eating, I’m going to lose weight faster. Like most overweight people, I know a lot about dieting and I know a lot about myself too and part of that is knowing that a lot of times I’m eating out of habit or boredom and not because I’m hungry. I really want to learn to eat when I’m hungry and to learn to stop eating when I’m full. Today, this was the case. I was hungry at noon and ate lunch early, but got busy in the afternoon and wasn’t hungry in the least. In fact, I could have worked right through dinner and not have cared at all.

But, Big Daddy and the girls were hungry, so I cooked. I want to be clear that I’m not restricting my food in an unhealthy way or anything like that.

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4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday#1

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    YAY for your first WIAW! I did want to take a sec and say that not everyone uses the WIAW as a way to share exactly what they ate in one day. In my opinion, this is a way to EASILY introduce comparing your days to others’ and it is not healthy. Comparison is not good. I used to do that and it was not a good practice. I now use it as a way to showcase things I ate in the past week, or more. Or if you go on a trip, you can do a post to show what you’ve been eating. Again, my opinion and experience – but day-long features like this and then linking up can do more hard than good especially if you are trying to live a healthier life.

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      Oh, I don’t really plan to compare my day to others. There are just too many variables to consider when looking at how other people eat. For instance, I’ve had days where I’ve eaten nothing and days where I’ve eaten the house. Either day isn’t really representative of how I actually eat. I thought it would be helpful from my perspective (I totally wouldn’t have had those carrots for lunch;)) and for others to see what you CAN eat on the program I’m following.

      Thanks for stopping by and I promise to be kind to myself. :)

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    It sounds like you’re doing well. It’s hard – I know, I’ve done it before and I’m doing it again now, so it’s encouraging to her about how you’re tackling it.

    I’m also aiming for healthy eating rather than a strict ‘diet’ and for me, most important is cutting my portion size. I’m also exercising three times a week which is helping me tone.

    Keep it up – we’ll get there :))))

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      Thank you! It’s definitely a chipping away process. And, I know I need to add in exercise. I’m being a real whiner about that part.

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