September 10, 2013

How to Hem Jeans (and have them not look terrible)

I’m short.

Fun sized.

Not a dwarf since I’ve managed to grow to over five feet of height.

My jeans are never the right length and, no, I can’t wear petite.  Despite being 5’2″ I have freakishly long legs and petite pants look like floods on me

My Mom wasn’t much of a seamstress growing up and, as you might guess, a short adult was usually a short child.  That meant my jeans never quit fit right and I’d be forced to walk/trip over my pant leg or do the “I’m chunky and my jeans are too long and my Mom doesn’t sew so here’s a big ol’ cuff”.  This year, when I bought Littlebit new jeans, they were too long.    I’d been seeing the following Pin floating around for a while and decided to make Littlebit’s jeans my guinea pigs.

I had a bit of trouble, at first, figuring out how exactly to fold the jean to get the right parts in the right places, but after a little bit of fiddling, it wasn’t too difficult.  At first, I sewed the new hem from the wrong side, but I didn’t like the weird spot it made.


And so, to avoid this, despite it being verboten, I sewed the new hem from the outside and it looked much better.

I opted to use white thread because I feel like I”m probably going to have to pick out the hem I put in tonight and re-hem it as Littlebit grows taller.  I wanted to make it easier on myself.  If I were hemming for me, I’d use orange that matched the stitching of the jeans I was sewing.

Also, if I were hemming my jeans, I’d cut the excess material inside.  I left it intact in Littlebit’s jeans so I can let them out.

Hemming both pairs of jeans took less than an hour and I can’t wait to pull my jeans out of the closet and fix all the hems to fit me!

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