September 30, 2013

Oh, Fall, you lovely thing–and the menu plan!

Big Daddy and I have a favorite walk we like to take with the girls. It’s a bit of a drive and the walk isn’t long. However, it is easy for little legs to navigate mostly on their own with just a hand needed for the steep/uneven parts. It winds through tall trees and you can gather acorns and walnuts and leaves from the trail.

You can splash rocks in the water and try to skip rocks. The rocks are so flat, the skip nearly every time, but there isn’t a huge expanse of water to skip them on, so we only ever get two or three. There are big, mossy rocks to slip and slide over and enough water to get wet up to your knees, if you’re Baby Bee.

Baby Bee had the best time! She exclaimed that walking in the woods was fun and she stuffed her pockets (and mine) full of treasures. We were unplugged, outside and connected. It was great. What are you doing during this beautiful fall weather?

Oh, and I bet you’re wondering about the menu plan. Here it is!

Monday Chicken Fajita Salad-I’ll be sharing my recipe later this week as an express meal. Thirty minutes from start to finish which includes chopping time!

Tuesday White Chicken Enchiladas

Wednesday Turkey Burger Wraps and baked oven fries, though I might be willing to let the girls have buns.  Sorry Big Daddy, no bread for you. ;o)

Thursday Rustic Skillet Kielbasa and Veggies over Polenta

Friday Football night, so we’ll be looking for something quick and easy.  Pizza is an option, but I’m getting a little tired of it.

Saturday Another band event.  I didn’t know this was OUR extra curricular activity too.  Hot Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

Sunday Family Movie Night!  Stay tuned!

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