September 12, 2013

Seven Whole Years Old

Twelve years ago we watched the collective world fall in around our ears live on television.

Seven and a half years ago, I wondered if my Mother would live to see her second grand child be born.

Seven years ago, someone happy came to drive away the dark clouds.

One thing is true about our darling Littlebit. She’s quite possibly the happiest child I’ve ever met AND to further reinforce this concept, perfect strangers, friends and family agree. She’s just a happy child.

She has always seemed to understand that people respond to you when you meet them with love and encouragement. She is so good empathy. If you’re having a hard day, she says “I know!” and she does. She’s never stingy with her love and kisses and if you announce to a room of my children that you would like a kiss or hug or snuggle, Littlebit is the first in line to grant it.

Once, a few years ago, after Baby Bee was born we were given advice from a middle child who asked us PLEASE not to ignore our middle child. But, how can we?

Big Daddy and I are excited to see what Littlebit will grow up to be. She’s smart and compassionate. She’s musical and friendly. She’s good at reading and at math, maybe that will make her unstoppable.

Happy Birthday, to my sweet little love. My fellow Virgo. My bookworm. My people lover. My Bugga. My girl.

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