September 28, 2013

Weigh In: Week Four

One thing I’ve always known about weight loss is that it’s a game of inches both literally and figuratively. I’m accepting a slow rate of weight loss, which has always been difficult for me and realizing that taking small steps and making small changes are creating a way of eating and living than I can maintain for the long term and maybe forever.

That’s not to say that I’m not really tempted to fall back to old habits and old excuses. I am. My mind wants to default to my long held practices. Did I over eat this weekend? Well, that’s a ruined week, why bother trying? Did I have a bad moment on a Thursday evening and “blew” the whole thing? Why not give up?! Not giving up over the last nine weeks (and five I’ve been writing you) is the biggest change I’ve seemed to be able to make this time around. I’m also having luck with telling myself that I can’t have fast food/cake/whatever today, but if I wait until Friday/Saturday and I still want it, I can have it. I know that seems so simple, but it’s really not worked for me at all before. Why wait for anything? What’s the point?

I’m finally figuring out the point. I always believed that I lacked willpower and that I couldn’t do “hard” things or things that I kind of didn’t want to do. That’s not the truth, though. I was able to do those things, to resist temptation and cravings and to have the mythical willpower. I just didn’t want to resist or wait. I don’t always know, but there’s just enough of something to push me over the edge and get me to hold off just a little longer which usually does the trick.

Last week was pretty good. I did well. I stuck to my plans and I was able to add a pound to my weight loss meaning I’ve lost 6.6 pounds over the last 9 weeks. I’m only 3 pounds away from being the weight I was when I attempted Weight Watchers earlier this year and just 15 pounds away from my first Weight Watchers goal (I never re-set that goal, so I have a little bit more to lose than most people to hit my 5%). I am now averaging a weight loss of .73 pounds per week and if I were to keep losing weight at this weight, I’ll have lost 38.1 pounds in a year.

I’m lucky in that I don’t foresee a lot of upcoming challenges between now and my cousin’s wedding, giving me time to focus on two areas that I haven’t been doing so well at; drinking enough water and getting enough exercise.

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