September 21, 2013

Weigh In: Week Three

When you’re on a diet, what do your goals look like?  Do you only think about your final goal?  Or, do you set small ones that you accomplish as it leads up to your overall goal?  Goal setting is hard for me and I think it’s complicated by not being able to imagine what size/weight/appearance I want to attain.  Since I’ve always been overweight, I don’t know what size is reasonable for me to shoot for or hope for.  I’m only 5’2″ so my healthy weight range is anything from 105 pounds to 140, which is a really big range!

What size?  I’ve been a size 10.  That’s my smallest size. Is that a good size to aim for?  Is that still too big? Is any smaller possible?  It gets overwhelming and leaves me goalless, mostly. Weight Watchers sets an automatic goal for you of 5% of your starting weight.  As of this week, I have 16.2 pounds to go to reach mine.  The goal was set back when I was smaller, fractionally, when I gave Weight Watchers another try in the spring of this year.  I’ve gained a little under ten pounds since then (well, had gained.  Only four pounds left to lose!).  When I meet my 5%, another 5% goal is set and I keep going until I reach goal.

This week went well for me. While Big Daddy and I had a night out, we had dinner with friends and Littlebit’s birthday, I found the whole process fairly easy to manage.  I decided on a game plan after last week’s weigh in and it worked.  Having a plan I could stick to made a big difference.  I did eat a few unplanned things, but I felt as thought they were okay and small indulgences.

This week, I lost 1.6 pounds and I’m closerthanthis to moving decades.  I was hoping to see it this week, but I’ll see it next week for sure.  I only have four pounds left to lose to find me at the weight I was at when I started at Weight Watchers in the spring.  Four more pounds and I’ve managed to erase the damage of the past six months.  While I don’t expect to lose all the weight next week, it feels good to be making progress again.

As an aside, I made a yummy, low point soup in the crock pot this week that Big Daddy and I have been enjoying for lunch.  Reducing the cream cheese to 6 oz turns this into a yummy four points and I think keeping home made soup in the house for lunch is a great strategy for me to employ over the winter.

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    Have you considered a goal which has more to do with overall health than weight? For me I love watching the scale go down but the downward number can be a red herring without a bigger picture approach.

    Run a 5k in under 30 minutes is a favorite of mine. Theoretically possible while 50 pounds over goal but I’ve never come close. When the weight is off it is a manageable speed that means I must not only be thin but also fit. Of course like all goals it may need smaller steps, 5K walk, 5k at a brisk walk, followed by 5K walk/jog combo, followed by jogging it without stopping and finally getting up to running it?

    Another favorite of mine was sustained heart rate. I have a heart rate monitor, I recently saw them on sale at Aldi’s for $40. I used to challenge myself do any activity at all from vigorous cleaning of the house to dancing like a crazy person or a boring walk/jog to maintain a heart rate of my normal rate plus 50% for over minutes. And once that bar was attainable changing it to 60% or 40 minutes.

    Just some thoughts. The scale matters but other goals have a way of making the scale happen faster and finding that big self esteem boost that comes from feeling healthier.

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      That’s really a great idea and something that I hadn’t thought about too much. I’ll have to do some thinking on it and see what kind of goal I’d want to set. I have thought about setting distance goals and time goals though, but I haven’t thought about them in relation to or in lieu of the scale.

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