October 28, 2013

Cold Setting In-AND the Menu Plan

This weekend, Big Daddy, the grls and I did some needed yard clean up. Cold weather is closing in here in Ohio and we had snow showers on Friday! Nothing stuck, of course, but Big Daddy sat in his office and cried a little bit. Me on the other hand? I’m singing Christmas carols and wondering how early we can bring out the Christmas trees? Not yet, but it’s coming soon.

Halloween is also in full swing, as well. The girls had their first Halloween event of the season at their girl scout meeting on Thursday. The Princess is a guinea pig this year and it might be the most hilarious costume I’ve ever seen.

Sadly, the Princess won’t be able to wear the hood like this while Trick or Treating or marching in the Halloween parade and I admit to spending some time wondering if I could make effective eye holes that would allow her to walk safely with the hood down. Maybe not this year.  I’m glad she has matching Ugg’s.  They make the outfit, I think.

This should be our last very busy week of the Fall.  The Princess has her last football game this Friday, and none too soon as it’s really getting cold in the evenings now.

I’ve been trying to work my way through the freezer and pantry.  Sometimes, I think we buy too much and eat too little and I go on these benders where I want to eat through as much as we can.    I’ve spent time this past week looking for recipes with specific ingredients to try and clean out the pantry and freezer to make room for new stuff.

Monday Turkey Taco Skillet

Tuesday  Skinny Chicken Fried Rice with Egg Rolls and Sugar Snap Peas

Wednesday Chicken Noodle Soup

Thursday Halloween Spider Pizza!

Friday Crock Pot Tomato Ravoli Soup (though, I may have to replace with dry tortellini if I can’t find the mini ravioli locally)

Saturday Beef Marinated Flank Steak with Avocado Cilantro Cream Sauce

Sunday Leaving this one blank to allow for an unexpected dinner out.

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    That might seriously be the cutest costume ever!

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      It is a slam dunk kind of costume. It cracks me up every time she puts it on.

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