October 29, 2013

Family Movie Night-Dumbo!

Have I talked much about our plans to head to Disney early next year? I don’t remember if I did or not so, we’re going to Disney early next year! I’m very excited and in an effort to get the girls up to speed on all the movies and characters they need to be up on, we’re dong Disney Themed Family Movie Nights. While we’re a big Disney family, overall, some of the classics featured at the parks aren’t on heavy rotation and i want to make sure it’s exciting for the kids to ride things like Dumbo.

The Princess was excited in 2004 and I want the little girls to feel this way too!

That means, I grabbed my tissues and set out to be emotionally tortured by watching the bullying of a cute little elephant who happened to have larger than average ears.  Baby Mine?  Gets me every time.  This time, the Princess cried along with me and we all felt the injustice of Dumbo’s poor treatment.  Poor Baby.

Dinner for this family movie night takes  little bit of work, but it’s still pretty easy and you could make a quick modification if you’re running short on time.


Can I Get a Hotdog Over Here?

Loaded Clown Cars

Big Top Veggie sticks and dip


Pink Elephant Popcorn


Dumbo Cutie Papercraft from Spoonful


To be honest, you could skip corners and buy the loaded clown cars pre-made.  I think most stores sell the frozen, boxed TGIFriday’s loaded potato skins.  Making the potato skins from scratch took about two hours and while it was fine as we puttered around on a Saturday, it doesn’t lend itself to a family movie night weekday quickie. Doing pre-made frozen potato skins instead out make the job a lot more simple and quick.

The paper craft? Well, it’s not for little kids. Littlebit was able to help by cutting out the less intricate pieces, but overall the Princess and I had to take over.


But, the girls all loved them and Baby Bee was so taken with her little Dumbo that she tucked him into bed, which was beyond sweet.

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