October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

This is the last year of the beloved, passed down costumes.

When the Princess was born, I spent more than I should have on a little Tigger costume at the Disney store with the justification that since it was gender neutral, all our kids could wear it.

And, they did.

Then came the Piglet costume with the cute little tail.

Then the Foggy costume with the little webbed hands.

When Littlebit was born, I added a black kitty newborn costume.  I tied a pink ribbon on to the tail so people wold be SURE to know that my little kitty was a girl.

Next year, there won’t be a costume packed into a box that Baby Bee can wear for Halloween.  She’ll get to pick out something new and start fresh.  As for me, I’ll be packing away the little froggy spots and bulgy froggy eyes in the hopes that maybe some day little Grandchildren will wear some of our well loved costumes.

At Baby Bee’s school Halloween Party Parade.  <3

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