October 7, 2013

Hot and Rainy–And the Menu Plan

Fall is going to be a tease this year, I guess. While the leaves are changing and, you know, falling, it’s been hot and rainy. Not as hot as August, but late June, maybe. 80 and muggy nearly every day this week. The floors have felt damp, the carpet feels moist. The banister feels sticky. I’m at a loss of what to make for dinner because I’m in stew mode and we’re smack back into grilling weather.

No matter, I think I finally got my fall display right on the credenza. I’ve been playing with it for years, but I think I finally have the right color and contrast. Of course, now it’s time to start throwing in the Halloween decorations as the girls can’t wait much longer.

This week, it’s cooling off again. I’m happy about it. I don’t like sweating in the house in October.

Monday Rescheduled family movie night

Tuesday Out.  I have to get Littlebit a hair cut and she has dance class

Wednesday Ham and cheese pinwheels with oven fries and veggies with dip

Thursday Pot roast sliders with sweet potato fries

Friday Guinness Beef Stew

Saturday Tuscan Chicken Stew

Sunday Gnocchi “macaroni” and cheese


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