October 14, 2013

Meet Rory–AND the menu plan.

The hardest thing about going into a rescue shelter to adopt an animal is seeing all the other animals who would like a home, too. On the day we decided to adopt Amelia, we were shown another cat. And older male the rescue was calling Kalvin. Kalvin was very personable with people, but seemed grumpy with cats and that wasn’t a situation I was interested in. I didn’t want to make Luna’s existence more difficult, so I picked Amelia hoping that a kitten would meld in better.

When we returned to pick Amelia up, Kalvin was still waiting. I fired off a few texts to Big Daddy and before I knew it, we had a buy one kitten, get one half off deal. And, I changed his name to Rory. The rescue had spent some time acclimating Rory to other cats and I felt he’d be a good fit. So, after a vet check giving him a clean bill of health, we brought him home.

Rory has settled in beautifully and definitely is the friendly, outgoing male cat I’d hoped to find. He looks nothing like my Angus boy, but has enough of the personality characteristics that I loved so much. Rory is also very brave and is not put off by Juno at all, unlike Luna and Amelia. He spends a lot of time downstairs causing problems. We’ve had to employ using a squirt gun to keep Rory off of the table, because he’s very aggressive about taking food from plates which is NOT okay in any way.

Here’s what Rory WON’T be eating off our plates this week

Monday Rustic skillet kielbasa and veggies over polenta (a carry over from last week)

Tuesday Swedish meatballs over egg noodles and peas

Wednesday Rainbow Chicken

Thursday Chicken Fajita Salad This recipe actually links to a chicken fajita bowl recipe. It’s the recipe I use, but I reduce the amount of rice and serve it over top of a whole bunch of lettuce. It’s delicious!

Friday Rehearsal  Dinner

Saturday Wedding!  Can’t wait to show you pictures of the Princess all dressed up

Sunday White Chicken Chili


Have a super week!

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    I have to know. Are Rory and Amelia named after the “Doctor Who” characters?

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      Of course! Rory and Amelia are my FAVORITE companions after Donna Noble. Donna has bad name connotation, so it had to be Rory and Amy. <3

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