November 18, 2013

Crazy weather and the Menu Plan

A week ago, it did this…

And the thing about it that was most amazing was that, for a first snow, it actually stuck and we had some amount of snow on the ground for three days.  I won’t tell you I was disappointed.  My theory is, if it’s all going to be brown, and bare, and dead it might as well snow on it.

Baby Bee was certain that it was Christmas time and she’s stepped up her list writing in earnest.  Our steadfast little tree that holds onto its leaves so stubbornly looked beautiful in the snow.

Within a week, the temperatures had soared up to nearly sixty degrees and I got one more last wearing out of my flip flops on Sunday before massive thunderstorms moved through the area driving the temperatures back down to normal again.

And that is why my sinuses have been on crazy over drive.

I don’t mind the cooler temperatures. Cooler temperatures are always full of promise to me.

And now, the menu plan!


Monday Slow cooker chicken and gravy  with mashed potatoes and corn

Tuesday Pork chops with cornbread stuffing and veggies

Wednesday Chicken roll ups and veggies

Thursday  Carraba’s grilled chicken and creamy lemon linguine with salad

Friday Deep dish pizza.  I’m missing Chicago style goodness, even if Jon Stewart doesn’t like it.

Saturday Family Movie Night!!

Sunday Mashed Potato Pie

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