November 6, 2013

Family Movie Night: Beauty and the Beast

We are at just about the 100 day mark before our vacation.  Since our last trip to Disneyworld, the Fantasy Land expansion has been finished and MY favorite Princess has taken the stage.  Yes, folk, when I take  the “Which Disney Princess are You?” quzzies, I get Belle.  Released in 1991 Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was released at a time when I began to appreciate Disney’s full length cartoons on a different level.  Not only was Belle my kind of heroine, but the darkness, romance and great music meant I was hooked.

And now, with Enchanted Tales with Belle, Be Our Guest And a Beauty and the Beast show, Disney has a lot of options for me to spend some time in Belle’s world and I wanted to be sure the girls were onboard.  Beauty and the Beast doesn’t get a lot of play at our house, with the girl preferring Merida, Rapunzel, Tiana and Cinderella.  Making sure ALL the princesses figure into the fun is important!  I want them to be excited when they come across Belle or Aurora.

Of course, I had a busy day and needed some help pulling this off, so my Prince Charming stepped in and served us an amazing (and easy) Beef Burgandy. Since he was the chef, Big Daddy also got to take care of the rest of Pinot.

We served it over mashed potatoes and I”m so sorry I didn’t go with initial instinct to double everything.  It was so good.  The Princess and I were very sorry there wasn’t more.  This is a slow cooking dish similar to beef stew.  It takes a little more than an hour to cook, but it’s worth it as it smells, and tastes, delicious.  Probably the best family movie night dinner we’ve had to date.

Dessert?  Well, what else could it be?  The Gray Stuff!  How could we not?  It’s delicious.  Be Our Guest (the new Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant in the Magic Kingdom) serves the Gray Stuff as well and while I don’t know if this knock off recipe is similar, it was gray and it was really good.

There was no way to photograph this that didn’t make it look a little bit like poop, but I promise that it did NOT taste like poop and while it looks kind of brown in this picture, it was absolutely gray!  I just don’t have any little white plates.

As usual, we did a craft before movie time and made Enchanted Mirrors.  This is another that, sadly, takes a decent amount of adult help.


Enchanted Mirrors!

Supplies Needed

inexpensive hand mirrors

gold spray paint (I bought a very small can from the craft store for about 3.99 which covered our mirrors with plenty to spare)

hot glue gun

jewels or other bling of your choice (I had 200 pieces and I started to worry I wouldn’t have enough)


An adult will need to spray the mirrors.  Don’t worry about taping off the glass, jsut go for it.  The paint removes easily from the glass with a magic eraser.  Give them two coats as they don’t withstand scratching very well.  I suppose you could sand them if you really wanted a longer lasting, prettier finish, but I wasn’t worried about it.

Give the paint ample time to dry (a few hours should do it).

Since little ones will get burned trying to glue on their jewels, allow them to create their design and then have a grown up glue the gems down.  Baby Bee only wanted Mickey Heads, but the Princess and Littlebit really used the gems to their fullest potential.

We settled into bed with our gray stuff as a treat and watched one of our favorite Disney movies.  Baby Bee, though, while enjoying MY gray stuff, greeted the gray stuff during Be Our Guest with a well timed “yuck”.

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