November 11, 2013

Menu Plan

We all have the crud.  The crud is my term for a low level sickness that, while not preventing you from doing anything you need to do, generally makes you feel like crap the entire time you’re attempting to do it.  With five of us, it runs through the house like a tipped over domino going from person to person until it’s made it’ way through.

Littlebit woke up sick a week ago.

Baby Bee came home from school sick on Tuesday.

The Princess sounds like she’s about to cough up a lung.

The back of my nose and throat area feel like someone has taken sandpaper to them and I wake up in the morning coughing like I’m a life long five pack a day smoker.

Big Daddy is wearing a sweater around the house and sounds like he’ stuffed his nose with a bag of cotton balls.

Thankfully, Baby Bee seems to be feeling better, so hopefully the rest of us will quickly be on the mend soon.  I’d much rather have the crud, of course, than strep or WORSE any stomach malady that involves vomit.

We serve up a lot of warm tea with honey when the crud takes over.  What’s your go-to when your family is under the weather?


Monday Chicken Fajita Salad (with the coming holidays, I think we should step up our salad consumption to about fifty a week).

Tuesday Tomato French Bread Lasagna (I’m omitting the ground beef as I don’t really like it in lasagna) and salad with garlic bread

Wednesday Chicken yakisoba with egg rolls

Thursday Slow cooker baked potato soup

Friday Stromboli

Saturday Fondue with Friends!  I’m excited. :D

Sunday Baked gnocchi with bacon, tomato and mozzarella

Have a great week!  I hope the crud doesn’t find you!


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