December 31, 2013

2013: A Love Note

Dear Year,

I’ve already admitted that you weren’t the best. Looking at Big Daddy across the room tonight, I can say that you were the second most difficult year of our marriage. I’d like to say we came through your stronger, but I don’t know if that’s true. We did come through you different. I look at Big Daddy differently, this year. For so long, I assumed he was invulnerable and that nothing ever bothered him. This year, I learned that he needs as much support and encouragement as I do and that I need to be more generous with him.

So much growing happened this year. Our family got bigger with the birth of my brother’s baby girl and I’m enjoying promising her the moon, which is what Aunties should do. It’s fun to not be the only parent in the room and the girls love their little cousin and can’t wait to make her smile.

We’ve grown in inches, too. And in smarts and in years. Baby Bee is well into her second year of preschool in a developmental program to help her with her delays and she’s come so far. She’s not all the way there yet, but she’s communicating so much better now and her imaginative play is just amazing.

Littlebit is rocking first grade. She’s a great reader and is good at math, too. She’s also a good friend, which is just as important as that other stuff. The Princess, ah, the Princess. She grows a lot slower, now. Her face and height at the beginning and ends of this year aren’t much different, but kids her age grow up in different ways and she’s proved herself, once again, to be responsible, capable and mature in ways that are beyond her years.

The cats came….

…and Juno grew and calmed down a few degrees.

We put a new roof in the house.

And, the Princess harnessed all of her guts and defeated her peanut allergy.

The Princess marched.

Littlebit danced.

Baby Bee sparkled.

My Angusboy left. Even typing his name makes me teary-eyed. I miss the love he gave me and the way he was mine alone. I love animals so much and I’ll always have some, but I believe Angus was my once-in-a-lifetime and there will never be another like him for me.

This year has felt a bit anticlimactic. We didn’t go anywhere. We didn’t do a whole lot, but we’re here. We’re together and healthy and happy and our girls keep growing and moving outward, which is just as it should be.

And, I love Big Daddy with everything I have within me.

Happy New Year.

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    2013…..was a bittersweet and loving yearxxoo

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      It was. <3

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