December 10, 2013

Ten Great Christmas Streaming Titles

Did you know we ditched cable? We did. We decided in the early summer that we thought we could make the break and it turns out, we don’t miss it at all. We use subscription services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu as well as an over the air antenna.

I do admit to missing the special Christmas programming on channels like ABC Family and the Hallmark channel, but it turns out that Amazon Prime and Netflix have great Christmas programming available! Here’s some of my favorite available titles (as well as some total Christmas guilty pleasure schmaltz).


Available on Netflix Instant Viewing

1) White Christmas-This Christmas musical from 1954 featuring Bing Crosby (one of my favorites) is a Christmas must!  Great costumes and dance numbers, a little bit of romance and a perfect Christmas grand finale.

And the “Sisters” song.

2) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation-Comedy Classic from 1989 starring Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold who is searching for the perfect family Christmas.  It sounds quaint, but throw in a feud with the neighbor’s, a missing Christmas bonus and Cousin Eddie and Clark’s perfect family Christmas is shot to hell.  Not for kids, but great for settling in with a grown up loved one after the little guys have gone to sleep.

3) Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas-Disney’s holiday offering from 1999.  This movie features three different Christmas stories featuring your favorite Mickey and Pals characters. At only 70 minutes long, it’s the perfect quick Christmas viewing to cap of busy days.

4) Also available is Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.  House of Mouse was a series featuring Mickey and Pal on the Disney channel in the early 2000s.  This holiday offering from 2000 features the Nutcracker starring Minnie and Mickey as well as Mickey’s Christmas Carol. 

5) Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas.  Follow the man with the yellow hat as he desperately tries to interpret George’s Christmas wish list.  Slight It’s a Wonderful Life theme, as well.  Baby Bee laughed throughout this show.  Actual belly laughs, so I guess it gets at least two thumbs up.

6) Jingle All the Way-Anrold Schwarzenegger is a work-a-holic Dad who was given one job for Christmas; but the popular Turboman doll as a gift for his son.  Dad forgets and engages in last minute hijinks to get his kid the toy and safe face in front of his wife.  Phil Hartman plays the perfectly creepy, over achieving next door neighbor and Sinbad plays an equally psychotic postal worker hunting down a Turboman doll of his own.

7) The Polar Express-Tom Hanks plays multiple rolls in this story based off of Chris VanAllsburg’s popular Christmas book.  A unnamed boy has stopped believing in Santa when he’s offered a magical journey to the North Pole.  I’ll admit, the animation in this one is so real at times it’s almost scary and there are some SUPER intense parts that young or sensitive kids may not like one bit.


Available on Amazon Prime Instant Streamingb

8) Arthur’s Perfect Christmas-Marc Brown’s famous aardvark (yes, that’s what he is) Arthur Read is searching for a perfect Christmas.  You won’t be surprised to find out that DW is whining and wants an obnoxious toy and that things don’t really work out perfectly until the very end.

9) Emmit Otter’s Jugband Christmas-Maybe not for everyone, but this in absolute favorite of mine. Playing on The Gift of the Magi,Emmit and Ma must make some tough choices to try and make life better in their home on the river.  A Jim Henson feature from 1979, this is full of adorable puppets and detailed scenery.    This version does NOT feature the narration from Kermit the Frog which was added in later versions.

10) Jack Frost -One of the few Rankin Bass (aka Rudolph) titles available for free.  While not wholly Christmas, it defintiley works for winter as Jack Frost comes to earth to find love and runs into an evil corrupt ruler. Lots of cute songs and cute, well, are they puppets?  Animantronics?  I don’t know.  It’s Rankin Bass.



As an aside, there are still lots more options available on both Amazon Prime and Netflix, including Christmas specials during regular series such as Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, Olivia and other titles.  It’s easy to replace your lost Christmas viewing using instant streaming options.  Who needs cable?




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    We haven’t had cable in years either for the same reason. I watch a ton of shows and movies through Amazon prime. Jim got it for the free shipping it provides, but I love the shows. Christmas Lodge is a sappy nice one that Catherine and I enjoyed together.

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      I watched that one recently! I didn’t list some of my schmaltzy favorites like “Snowglobe” and “The 12 Dates of Christmas”. I adore schmaltzy Christmas movies.

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