December 5, 2013

Crafting with Ornaments: Garland

I admit that I kind of have a thing for using Christmas bulbs in my decorating. It started many years ago when Big Daddy and I were newlyweds. We didnt have a lot of our own decorations and we didn’t have a lot of money. I’d bought some boxes of plain glass ornaments to hang on our tree and, finding we had some extra, I put them in a terra cotta pot. Just some glass bulbs in a simple pot and the whole thing probably cost about three dollars and it was Big Daddy’s favorite decoration for years.

Over the years, I’ve kind of continued on that path. I could afford to spend more on decorations, but there’s something beautiful about plain bulbs. They’re inexpensive (especially after Christmas. You can get them for a song) and they just look so pretty. They come in millions of colors so you can match your own decor and the possibilities with them are almost endless.

You can add them to your usual decor items to give them a holiday feel.

And last year, I started hanging them from our dining room light fixture.  This year, I changed over to silver bulbs and I think the effect is beautiful.  I paid full price for these silver bulbs this year; they were $5 for 20.


But this year, I think I finally have found the queen mother of all bulb uses for Christmas decorating.

I made my own ornament garland and I’m in love with it.  Seriously.  And, you can make it to and you don’t need to have any crafting skills at all.  I mean, none.  I will admit that I bought three large containers of shatterproof (aka plastic) bulbs on clearance last year, which made my garland fairly inexpensive.


Simply cut a long length of yarn, twine or ribbon (I used both twine and yarn.  I opted for 100% cotton yarn because it should have less stretch over time).  Thread the yarn through the ornament top.  Arrange to ensure fullness.



I opted to do my three containers of ornaments as three separate lengths of garland because I had no way to estimate how long they’d be. I wound lights in afterwards. I’m not totally happy with how the lights wove in, so when I take the garland down after Christmas, I’ll take more time and weave them in better before plugging them in.

I think this is literally the simplest decor craft I’ve ever done.  It took 45 minutes to make all three lengths with Baby Bee’s help.

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