December 2, 2013

DECEMBER is the best month of the year–AND the menu plan.

Well, December just is.  The holly jolly fun is in full swing at our house now and today, a special visitor showed up at our house.

That’s right, Pepper the Elf has been assigned to us through the Elf In Training Host Family Program.  Our job is to teach Pepper what it’s like to be Christmassy.  Littlebit is up to the task. She’s consulted Pepper’s instructions very carefully had has declared herself to be full of Christmas spirit.  However, she’s pretty sure that if we touch Pepper, she can re-grow her Christmas magic, so I’m a little worried about her plans for poor Pepper.

Pepper’s first task was to find her Elvin brethren and stage a concert.  Since what Pepper visits shows us what she wants to learn about, I suspect lots of caroling around the house when the little girls find her in the morning.

Pepper’s job isn’t to report on behavior.  She’s just here to learn about how wonderful Christmas is from a family who loves Christmas and how to be a good Christmas Elf.  Also, like  a Gremlin, we have to keep her away from sugar.  I think Pepper is going to bow to temptation soon and get a little bit crazy due to a lot of excess Elf energy.  That is, if Littlebit doesn’t throw away all the sugar and candy.  She’s worried about keeping Pepper on task.

My Christmas shopping is nearly done and soon the wrapping stage will begin.  I have a few more decorations to put up and our tree will go up this weekend.  I think I may actually hit my goal of having a whole week before Christmas Eve to soak in the holiday spirit.  It’s my goal every single year.  A lot of times, I’m working right up to zero hour and I don’t like that.  I feel rushed and not very holly jolly.

Also, is this the comfort food time of year or what?  I think we’re turning into hibernating bears.  Over the THanksgiving holiday (I hope yours was wonderful!) we barely left the house.  I mean it.  I was gone for about 30 minutes on Thanksgiving Day, but otherwise, I came home on Tuesday afternoon and didn’t leave again until Sunday afternoon.  I also hardly cooked.  We just gorged ourselves on leftovers.

Of course, we got 7 inches of snow Tuesday night and the thick snow fall really made me want to curl up on the couch and never leave.

By the way, I made this amazing French Silk pie for Thanksgiving and it was a HUGE hit. It’s very easy and mostly inexpensive to make and I’d highly recommend it.


Monday One pot smoked sausage and pasta dinner

Tuesday One pot chicken risotto

Wednesday White Chicken Chili

Thursday Lemon Chicken

Friday Family Movie Night

Saturday Baked honey sesame chicken

Sunday To be determined, but I’m thinking something slow cooked and delicious.

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