December 17, 2013

Eight Days Before Christmas

I’ve set a lofty goal for this Christmas season. We’re actually going to read ALL of our Christmas books. In one Christmas season. I have more than a few. I have more than several. I have enough to fill up a rubbermaid tote! Books are my weakness and Christmas books are doubly so.

The little girls and I read five Christmas books last night. We snuggled up on the couch and read by the glow of the Christmas tree. It was nice. I already have five books picked out for us to read tonight, too.

The thing about Christmas is it’s a wonderful, wonderful time, but I think for a lot of people like me, it’s stressful too. Today, I was listing off all the little last minute things I have to do. Littlebit and the Princess have dance Christmas parties tonight. Baby Bee has her Christmas party tomorrow. The Princess needs socks for a sock drive. I need to buy or make treats for a handful of different events. My girls have thirteen different teachers. It can be stressful.

But, last night the little girls and I spent a half an hour snuggled up together and actually slowing down. It was wonderful.

The first batch of Christmas cookies have been pulled from the oven as well. I fell in love with Trader Joe’s highbrow chocolate chip cookies when they were carried in stores. They were so good! They were buttery and crsip, but Trader Joe’s discontinued them (of course! Always with my favorites!) and I was left without crispy, buttery chocolate chip cookies. These little lovelies are really close and the hint of cinnamon gives them a slightly more unusual flavor, too.

Lastly, I’ve been enjoying this amazing cleaning spray by Mrs. Meyers in the Iowa Pine scent. It smells so good. It’s not strong smelling like pine-sol and doesn’t smell like cat pee (some scented pine items do. Don’t deny it). It’s crisp and clean and makes cleaning smell like Christmas, which is not all bad. I found my spray at Target with the seasonal Method products, but you can order it on-line, too!

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