December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday

Today, my darling boy turns 38.

There really aren’t enough words for me to tell you how lucky I feel that Big Daddy chose me all those years ago.  I’ve never stopped feeling like I won a grand prize in some awesome contest and, by extension, our kids are lucky too.  They get Big Daddy as their daddy and that’s just about the best thing.


Sweetheart, I know this year has been rough on you.  I think 37 was your second most difficult year.  You and I both know the first.  I’m sorry things have been hard and I’ve been hog tied on how best to help you.  I’ve told you so many times that the only thing I really want is for you to be happy.   I hope I spoil you enough to prove to you that I’m making a sincere statement when I say that.  There’s nothing like you happy.  Nothing in the world.

I hope that as this new year and New Year dawn, that you’ll find much more happiness and peace.  You deserve it so much.


I love you!


Happy Birthday!


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    I just love reading your posts !! Happy Birthday to your Honey !

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