December 16, 2013

Nine Days Before Christmas and a different sort of menu plan

I have one big Christmas task left to perform. My shopping is done and my house is decorated. I confessed on Facebook that I wasn’t sending out cards this year. Baby Bee has a Christmas party on Wednesday night and I’m room mom for Littlebit’s party on Friday. The girls will be out of school in just a couple of days and the excitement is sure to mount.

But, there’s one thing left. Something I’ve been putting off because we have no restraint and I want to make sure there are some left.

Yes. It’s Christmas cookies and, yes, I live in a house FULL of cookie monsters. Even the dog. She cleaned off half a cookie plate last Christmas Eve. She felt a little bit bad about it, but not much which is the general reaction around here. Sorry the cookies are gone, but I’m not sorry, really.

This week, I’ll be baking a batch of cookies every day to get my baking season kicked off. Here’s the awesome (and delicious) cookies I’ll baking this year.


Monday Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tuesday Snowman Cookies

Wednesday Sprtiz

Thursday Russian Tea Cakes

Friday Turtle Cookies

Saturday Gingerbread people

Sunday Sugar Cookies


I promise I’ll still be cooking dinner this week, but I bet we have dessert a time or two as well.

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