Month: December 2013

December 9, 2013

Nearly Two Weeks–AND the menu plan

So, my favorite day of the year is screaming towards us quite quickly. This past weekend, we put up our Christmas Tree. We try to get one cut as fresh as we can and a local place has some recently pre-cut trees that look amazing for a long time. We’ve had an artificial trees most […]

December 5, 2013

Crafting with Ornaments: Garland

I admit that I kind of have a thing for using Christmas bulbs in my decorating. It started many years ago when Big Daddy and I were newlyweds. We didnt have a lot of our own decorations and we didn’t have a lot of money. I’d bought some boxes of plain glass ornaments to hang […]

December 4, 2013

How to Hover

Big Daddy and I are usually on the same parenting page. I admit, we both have our own hot button things that we each push a little harder to enforce, but usually, in terms of types and severity of discipline, we’re the same. It’s not so much sparing the rod, but learning that you must […]

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