December 18, 2013

Seven Days Before Christmas

Thankfully, I was able to tie up a lot of my loose ends this morning.  My list of little errands had started getting stressful and with a quick trip this morning after dropping Baby Bee off at school.  I was home a little bit before ten breathing a huge sigh of relief.  Big Daddy had to give me the “if you can’t do it, you can’t do it” speech yesterday afternoon and while I still feel a little bit stressed out today, I am feeling a little bit better.

Baby Bee and I made up the teacher gifts.


I try to keep things simple.  The Princess still likes taking in gifts for her teachers, but with seven of them, if gets too expensive to do too much.  Every year, I package up a couple of good, bakery cookies and the Princess writes out a card.  It’s not much, but it’s at least a token.  Littlebit and Baby Bee’s teachers get a gift card put in with their card.

I also realized that I have to have a wrapping marathon and spent some time wrapping presents today.  I was surprised to find that the drugstore we normally shopped out was really low on wrapping paper.  I was expecting to waltz in and find the cute, glittery red striped paper I’d bought before Thanksgiving, but it was all gone with a few choices left.

I’m sure the Princess will be scruntinizing this picture to try and figure out what gifts may be hers. Santa Claus always wraps presents but, continuing a tradition my Mom started, he uses no gift tags. Everyone’s gifts are wrapped in a different paper. When you open your stocking on Christmas morning you find out what paper (and therefore what gifts) are yours. It makes a lot less work for Santa and his busy elves.

We also got our Gingerbread house decorated today.  I built it and the Princess lead the decorating charge!

The kids are wondering when they can eat it. Can you eat it?

Last days are coming up. Presents are being wrapped. Cookies are being backed. The elf keeps getting into sugar and is running around the house doing crazy things. My Christmas Eve/Christmas Day menu is set.

It’s almost here.

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