January 6, 2014

Back on Wagon–AND the menu plan!

Buttery cookies and double layered cake.
Potatoes in the skillet and some that you bake.
Savory ham and pastry snackie things.
At Christmas time I ate all of those things.

Shredded pork at New Year and pretzels with cheese dip.
Shrimp cocktail and briskett and roasted garlic fontina dip
Have some more cookies and some chocolate pretzel things
At Christmas and New Year I ate all of these things!

Oh yes, friends. It was a great holiday season. I outdid myself cooking this year, if I may say so myself. Over the years, I’ve perfected the cooking process and we turn out some amazing food at our house over the holiday season. Last week, I asked Big Daddy to make me a mocha.

“Put in some cream”, I said.
“How much? LIke a tablespoon?”
“Are you crazy? No. LIke a cup.”
Big Daddy scraped his jaw up off the floor and made me a mocha, but now that Christmas is over, I’ll switch to fat free half and half. The tree is down, the outside lights are off and this week I’ll be packing up all of our special little doodads that made the house so magical over the past month. They’ll wrap in in the basement until next November when I pull them out again.

But, like half of the world, the New Year means that it’s time return to a MUCH healthier way of eating. No more cookies for breakfast, no more dip for dinner. No more whipping cream in my coffee. And, you know? I’m ready for that.

Last year, I had to face some hard truths about my weight. They’re still hard truths. I ended up the year down 10 pounds from my high in the summer. I realize that I could have lost more and maybe I should have, but I maintained through the holiday season and I feel okay with that. I’m ready to be done eating heavy food and sweets.

As soon was we get through that tirmisu in the fridge.

Monday Crock Pot Creamy Tomato Soup with a side salad and fresh rolls

Tuesday Crock Pot Sesame Honey chicken over rice with sugar snap peas

Wednesday Cajun Chicken Pasta with Salad

Thursday Baked chicken nuggets, oven fries, cooked carrots (I love cooked carrots!)

Friday Make Your Own Pizza

Saturday Baked honey sesame chicken, rice, egg rolls and veggies (probably sugar snap peas as they seem to go best with Chinese style food)

Sunday Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken, mashed rutabagas, roasted asparagus


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4 thoughts on “Back on Wagon–AND the menu plan!

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    You always have such a great attitude & I love it when you share your recipes ! I think I might try the lemon garlic chicken in the crock pot today (I actually have all of those items on hand).
    Happy New Year Jamie to you & your family !

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      I know that the experts say not to cook a whole chicken in the crock pot because the low temperatures allow for bacteria, etc, but we’ve never really had much of a problem. I don’t cook stuff in my crock pot on low (usually because I don’t start them early enough) so the amount of time the meat is sitting in the crock at a bacteria friendly temperature is a lot shorter. Let me know if you like it!

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    I am doing the Duke till we return to the WW a jump start to detox I will miss my wine more then anything !! once weekly:0( get off sugar starch and white foods

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      I continue to be thankful for the slightly upset stomach I carried through half of December. ;)

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