January 1, 2014

One Little Word: 2014


Little words.

Some that I selected and one that selected me. Some years seem to have themes despite me picking a word, but this year I’ve decided to try and shape my year once again. The word came to me during one of the long talks Big Daddy and I have been having over the last half of the year as we tried to right things and close our circle.


There are things I need to choose (addressing my weight) and things I need to stop choosing (screen time). There are times when I don’t choose to things I should do and I don’t choose to do things I want to do because I’m allowing myself to be swept along. I want to make choices this year instead of allowing choices to be made for me while I sit stagnant.

Are you picking a word this year? Have you in the past? Has it made a difference in the way you live your day to day life?

This image is on the lock screen of my phone to remind me.

Happy New Year.

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5 thoughts on “One Little Word: 2014

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    This really hit home. I have often felt that life was living me instead of the other way around. But we do get to choose, don’t we?

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      Yes. Forgetting that “not choosing” is REALLY choosing is something I’ve struggled with for a long time.

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    Every December, I come up with a theme for the new year. Usually it’s a single word (one year it was “less”), but sometimes it’s a phrase (“embracing loved ones”). In my head it becomes almost a formal title: “2012: The Year of Less” or “2010: Embracing Loved Ones”. In lieu of longer resolutions this title sets apart the upcoming year and hopefully shapes it into definition.

    After reading your other entry (December 23rd?) I found the theme for 2014.


    As in “the opposite of undone”.

    As a cradle Episcopalian, I can recite the Prayer of Confession from the Book of Common Prayer by heart; it’s said before every communion. For the last four years I’ve attended a Baptist church and so do not hear it before communion anymore. But I think it, and maybe not hearing it has led to me thinking about it. (I miss reciting it. That is a bonus confession.)

    Part of the prayer singles out the sins of “what we have left undone”. Ah, there I am. An undoer. I have left household projects half finished, letters unwritten, opportunities squandered.

    I have parried my own self-accusations with righteous indignation. Don’t you realize how much you have going on? Excuse me, self, do you not feel how tired you are?

    But if I’m being truthful, I’m lazy. Self indulgent. I can always make time to do the things I enjoy, and I always have energy for them. So this year I’m going to acknowledge that lies are lies, even when I’m just lying to myself. Sorry if ironing isn’t your cuppa, Lucy. Waah. Cry me a river, but pick up that iron while doing so.

    2014 will be The Year of Done …and being honest about it.

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      Best wishes. I could easily choose done, too. ;) There’s a lot of things I don’t do because I don’t want to, but, well…choices, you know?

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