January 31, 2014

One LIttle Word: Month One Review

Choice is an interesting thing.

When I choose the idea of choice/choosing as my word of the year, I don’t think I quite expected what thinking about choice would bring.  I’m definitely the sort of person who is happy to coast; I’m fine with letting long established patterns stand even when they’re not working for me.  Choice brings change and I’m not a change sort of person.

To be honest, I wasn’t having a lot of luck with choice this month until the very end.  I expected that being more conscious about what I was choosing would mean I would make better choices without much thought, but old habits die hard and I found myself foundering, again (or still).  Several years ago (actually, more than several.  I think we might be up to a decade) I asked for, and got, Simple Abundance for Christmas.  I’ve never made it through the whole book.  I’ve never even read into Febuary.  Last weekend, I picked up the book again.  It’s been sitting on my night stand for the biggest part of the decade.

I’m about to admit a big fault of mine.  I’m always waiting for the perfect moment to start. Diet?  That should start Monday morning.  Can’t start Monday morning?  Well, who starts anything on Tuesday?  New schedule at home?  Start first thing in the morning.  The morning gets thrown off?  Obviously can’t start anything new at 2.

Saturday, I opened up that Simple Abudence book again to a page I’d never read.  I read the entry for the day which simply put, was start right now.  Do something, anything, right now.  I was sitting in bed, overlooking a very untidy bedroom.  The house was in disarray for a variety of reasons.  Tomorrow, I thought.  We’ll manage this mess tomorrow.  It was afternoon, surely I couldn’t start then.

I re-read the day’s entry.  I got up and cleaned the bedroom spotless.  After I finished that, I rallied the troops and we attacked the kitchen, including having Big Daddy mopping late in the evening.  When we woke up Sunday morning, we rolled up our sleeves and went back to it  Big Daddy and I cleaned up our bathroom and then we worked together as a family to make sure the living room and dining room were clean.  We washed ALL the laundry.  Every little stitch.  I matched all the socks.  We changed sheets, vacuumed, dusted, mopped and scrubbed.    Monday morning dawned with another snow day and I went back over the work we’d done adding a few easily managed tasks to the list as I saw them crop up.

Just a small change.  Just a little decision.  I chose to believe that doing something would be better than doing nothing and, as it is when the house is running smoothly, peace is descending.  There’s less arguing, less rushing and more time for pursuits that relax and restore us.

I expected to have to choose big things to see impact, but now I’m thinking the real benefits may be in the small choices that add up.

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