January 13, 2014

When a plan isn’t a plan–AND the menu plan

Once upon a time, I was very rigid. I don’t handle change well. It’s genetic. Then I met this guy and he was the opposite of me. Big Daddy believes in living life on the fly. Over the years, we’ve done what we do best. We’ve melded together. I’ve become less rigid. I accept change more easily and Big Daddy has come to realize that a hotel reservation and a loose plan is a great thing.

Last week really put this to the test. After two full week’s of winter break, we had two snow days due to extreme cold and poor conditions. I don’t mind that sort of thing. I like having the girls home but, admittedly, it kind of threw off my “rah-rah New Year” motivation and we ended up with two more days of Christmas break. Plans got tossed out the window. Wednesday dawned witha two hour delay. Baby Bee only had one day of school all of last week.



And then we woke up Saturday morning with no water and a canceled date night due to Auntie Awesome’s house flooding.

It wasn’t what I planned. I admit to being tense and a little on edge. It’s hard to roll with the kind of punches that mean you can’t do laundry or flush the toilet. We sent the girls out to dig snow into Big Daddy’s brew bucket and repeated the mantra “if it’s yellow let it mellow mantra” over and over. The water came back Sunday night and while the kids have a day off school today because of the lack of water coupled with a boil order, I’m okay. Another bonus day with my girls and since the weather will be mild, we should be able to work in a little unplanned fun. That’s a good thing.

Monday grilled pork loin, crash hot potatoes and salad

Tuesday Make your own grilled chicken salad

Wednesday Slow cooker pasta fagioli

Thursday Sloppy Toms with sweet potato fries

Friday Homemade pizza!

Saturday Still trying to get that baked sesame chicken on the table.  Maybe this will be the week?

Sunday Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic chicken (we opted to make store bought pot pies last week  to reduce the number of dishes we dirtied)

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