January 25, 2014

What We Read Last Week

What I read
Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

Can I get on my soap box for a minute.  I understand that, in the publishing industry, the money is in series and sequels.  I get that, but lately it seems like every single book I pick up to read is a part of a series and I”m just tired of it.  I want to read stand alone books.  I don’t want to make a three, four or five book commitment.  I mean, sometimes I do, but a lot of times I just don’t.  I was so disappointed to find out, after I started reading, that Delirium is the first book in yet another series.

In talking to some friends, I also found that, in their opinon, the only book in the series worth reading was Delirum so, I gave myself permission to read just the first book in the series and then read the plot synopsis on the other two books.  I’m glad I went that route.  Delirium is my first five star book of the year and I don’t back down from that rating.  It was an amazing book and I’m sorry the author couldn’t tie it all up in one.


The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom.

Ah, Mitch.  He writes things that kind of stab me in the heart and I feel all of the things.  I read this book quickly, while wiping up the tears that kept falling.  Mitch writes about ideas that I’d give anything to have be real. Ive re-read The Five People You Meet in Heaven on more than on occasion.   Mitch just seems to know how to reach into those soft places and write about things that touch you, deeply.  What would your heaven look like?  What would you do with another day with a lost loved one?  How much time are you wishing for?  What if someone you loved, that had died, suddenly called you on the phone?  What would you do with your life?

My heaven, of course, would be a quiet house on Christmas Eve, with the tree lit and the children asleep upstairs, in quiet anticipation of something amazing to come.


Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Another five star book? Oh, yes!  I guess maybe is that their connection started with comic books and music, but Eleanor and Park’s love story is just about the best I’ve read in the last handful of years.    Fraught with deep, teenage emotion (do you remember it?), some super heavy issues and lots of love.  It was just the perfect read.  I couldn’t put it down.  I couldn’t sleep until it was finished.  I couldn’t believe it was over.  It was perfect.


What I read to Littlebit and Baby Bee

Mickey Mouse and the Lucky Goose Chase  Out of print, but available via Amazon.

Goodnight, Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Classic favorite, still getting reading rotation at my house because the kids seem to enjoy finding all of the little things in the pictures, especially the mouse.

Land of Snow and Ice A Frozen board book, but the little girls love it so much, we bought it despite us really having aged almost completely out of board books.

Rumble Tum by Stephanie True Peters.  This seems like it could be out of print, but I bought ours just this past December at the twice annual Scholastic Warehouse Sale.

Merry Christmas Curious George because Christmas doesn’t stop being fun just because it’s not December anymore. In years past, I’ve packed the Christmas books away, but no more. I have room and all of our books, seasonal or otherwise, are available for reading at any time.

Olivia Claus by Jared Osterhold I was surprised to learn that this book was NOT written by the original author of the series.  It might explain a few things, I guess.  I do love Olivia, but her character has started to be saturated by SO many books (well, books that tie in to the tv show).  So many good children’s series go this way.  We’ve stopped buying books in the Skippyjon and Pinkalicious series.  They seem to have lost a lot of their magic.

*Note, I’ve decided to NOT list out the duplicate books we’ve read.  I’ve read Grumpy Cat and Land of Snow and Ice a lot.

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