January 14, 2014

The Scrap Pile

Every New Year I go a little nuts. Suddenly, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things we have in our house. I start to get a little anxious and a little itchy. I start to throw things away. Although I’m usually very sentimental about stuff, something about January briefly breaks that spell and I can be a little ruthless as I start tossing things in the trash or the donate pile.

With the girls’ extra snow days last week, we attacked the playroom and I do mean attacked it. I touched every single item in that room. The bins were all resorted, the books assessed for age appropriateness and wear. The girls made some tough decisions about things we could send to other children who needed them I purged my craft areas. This is a huge deal. Going through craft supplies and admitting I’ve waited too long to use them is hard for me. It’s difficult to admit that I “wasted” money buying things I admit now that I can’t or won’t use. I filled a large black garbage bag with fabric I realized that I was never going to use. My girls had outgrown it or my tastes or styles had changed. I looked at every piece of scrapbook paper and every embellishment. My craft closet looks amazing!

But, my scrap pile next to my desk was still a bit of a challenge. Scraps are hard to part with, too. It’s hard to throw away the last little vestige of a favorite fabric. It’s hard to throw away a larger piece of fabric that you could probably use for something someday.

But what?

Scrap fabric projects are usually never that appealing to me. I don’t like sewing doll clothes. I don’t like a lot of clutter. I don’t like making something just to use the scrap. I want it to be pretty or useful or something that works in my life. I don’t like extra crap (which, is a weird statement if you saw the state of my craft area). I was scanning through my pinterest board looking for some good ideas when I came across this fabric cord keeper from Made by Me, Shared with You.

It’s pretty much amazing.

And, something that’s so simple I’m kind of left thinking how I didn’t think about it first.

I ended up not having any veclro, so I opted to use my snap press instead. I think I’m up to having made six or so of these, using up little pieces of scrap fabric. I passed some less favored fabric onto the girls via their cord keepers and used a little bit of one of my treasured little scraps to make two cord keepers for me.  We have so many little cords with iPods and iPhones and ear buds and kindles.  I love that I can drop this little bundle in my purse and keep things neat.

For those in the know, that is a tiny bit of Munki Munki Farmer’s market. I adore it so much, the little bit I have left will be for ME to use and not for the kids. Not every lovely thing has to be theirs. ;)

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