January 30, 2014

A Snow Day in the Life

A few years ago, I did a Day in the Life post. I only had two kids then. We lived in a different state, in a much smaller house with three different pets than we have now. I’ve been working on how to write a post about the snow days we’ve been having and decided it was time to do another Day in the Life: Snow Day edition. This is picture intensive, but enjoy!

Wednesday dawned with me staying up a little late.  Since there was no school, I didn’t have to shut down so quickly to get to sleep before wake up time.  My current before bed guilty pleasure is the Amazing Race.  Hulu has twenty of the twenty four seasons available for viewing.  This is episode 1 of season 14 (I skipped a few seasons that I watched and remembered well or watched and knew I didn’t like).

At just after 8, I got a wake up call.

“Wake up, mama!”, pointing outside, “It’s morning!” She brought a selection of books with her, but opted to have me read this one during morning snuggles.

But, even though it was a snow day, we still couldn’t stay in bed all day. Baby Bee asked to watch The Grinch and she worried about the inhumane treatment of Max while I put away a load of laundry and folded some sheets that had been waiting for me to see to. Eric’s Grandma taught me the right way to fold fitted sheets and while I don’t fold as neatly as her, I’m sure, mine look pretty good.

After finishing a double header of The Grinch and Horton Hears a Who, Baby Bee was on her way to find Big Daddy to request her morning bowl of oatmeal.She was busy making my bed into a giant cat bed and left a little friend behind.

I decided that this morning was perfect for grits, but we were out. I showered and got dressed while Big Daddy heated up the car. I found Littlebit and Juno on the couch, keeping warm and watching Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.

After hearing I was going to the grocery store and drug store, Littlebit and the Princess hurried to get dressed to come along. We stopped at Rite Aid and didn’t find what I wanted, so we went on to the grocery store for a few snow day provisions.

We ran into Family Dollar for a few things. As an aside, do you have Family Dollar store near you? I think their prices on household items are the best hands down. I know that drug store charges more than Target or Walmart would for basics, but as an example today I needed laundry detergent. I use the pods. I’m allergic to Tide, so usually stick to Purex or Kirkland (though Era and Arm and Hammer is safe for me too). An 18 count package of Purex pods at Rite Aid cost 5.99. We shop at Rite Aid a LOT and get 20% off so my total would have been 4.79 for 18. At Family Dollar with no Discount I got 56 Purex pods for 7.99. Way more than double for less than half the price. Toilet paper and paper towels are pretty cheap there, too.

After our errands (it was cold, but not unbearable) it was time for breakfastbrunch.  The little girls opted to eat their lunch early and they played while I ate and then worked on a puzzle.

Our poor iPad. It was hanging out in little brother, but it’s totally dead. Like, completely. Since it’s a first generation, I don’t think it’s even worth fixing.

After breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen…

…and then had snuggle time while the girls watched some more Fetch with Ruff Ruffman

That’s three of us on one chair.  It didn’t seem comfortable for anyone (well, I wasn’t comfortable and I didn’t know how they could be) but they both seemed happy until I couldn’t take bony elbows and knees digging into spots that don’t like to be dug into by bony body parts.

I rallied the troops up to the playroom and I finished sewing of the outfits the girls are wearing to Disneyworld.

While I was sewing, Baby Bee and Littlebit were playing. I would like to show you pictures of the Princess, but she was holed up in her room catching up on Sherlock and Doctor Who. I was going to take a picture of her watching, but she locked me out. Such is life with a teen in the house. I did the same thing growing up.

Littlebit organized a Monster High fashion show. The Princess got her this great Monster High set from Costco as her Christmas present. You can build/design your own doll and I’m pretty sure I saw at least 12 varieties before Littlebit moved on to something else.

I cleaned up and vacuumed the upstairs hallway.  We’d had some bags full of donations sitting up there and things got pretty messy around them.  I put cleaning off the bookcase onto my to-do list for tomorrow (today).

Back to the sewing!  I finished a second outfit!

Yes, I need to vacuum.  After sewing, I ran downstairs to visit with Big Daddy as it seemed like he was finished working.  Before heading back up to play with the girls, I grabbed a glass of Butter Pecan milk.  A local dairy makes flavored milk and this is the best by far (though their chocolate is REALLY good, too).  Big Daddy and I have been waiting for this to hit the shelves of the grocery store.  I admit, it’s not Simply Filling, but it’s really freaking good and since I ate breakfast late, I was skipping lunch.

Big Daddy tromped through the cold and snow this morning to feed the birds.  I think they were pretty grateful.

and while the above picture doesn’t look like it, we did have a lot of sun today and the pets all made sure to get some basking time in.

The Princess helped Littlebit change her sheets and make her bed. Gramps sent some fleece sheets to each girl for Christmas this year and Littlebit had been waiting, anxiously, to try hers out.


The little girls made up their own game this afternoon with the Memory cards…

…and I cut out the fabric for my next project.

But, dinner time was drawing near and I asked Big Daddy to carry up the clothes basket of clean laundry so we could put it away. Most of it belonged to the little girls, as usual.

The Princess and Littlebit are selling Girl Scout cookies and decided it was time to work the phones. I left them at it and came down to start dinner and start blogging while Big Daddy worked on some side work.

Juno, of course, hoped I would take pity on her. She’s so hungry. She was happy to get a couple of pieces of carrots and celery as her payment for sitting so pretty.

The girls were done making their calls, so Littlebit and Baby Bee decided to style the Rapunzel head we got at Family Dollar today (Littlebit has ALWAYS wanted one) while the Princess facebooked with our cousin and tried to iron out a date for her Birthday sleepover. She’ll be 14 in a week.

Dinner was a little late this evening. We had homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.

After dinner, a stink bug landed on Baby Bee. She is terrified of stink bugs! I knew she didn’t like them, but I had no idea how much. She started screaming like she was being murdered and Big Daddy and I launched into action. The stink bug was thrown into the cold to die a miserable, shivering death and Baby Bee needed to snuggled up next to me and hide under a pillow for a while until she felt better.

Once Baby Bee felt brave enough to venture into the house again, it was time for evening chores. Baby Bee played with Juno with the laser pointer while Big Daddy swept, Littebit and I cleared the table and the Princess did the dishes. After evening chores, it’s off to the shower for the little girls. After showers and playtime (and sometimes reading, but not tonight) the little girls and I head off to bed. Where we listen to this. Every night.

Big Daddy was still at work on his side project, so I got into my pajamas and slippers…

…found some trashy tv to watch and went to work on my next Disney project.

At 10:30, it was time to hit the hay. School tomorrow.


Please note: The Princess didn’t appear in this post very much.  That’s not because she literally sat in her room alone all day, even though she was in there quite a bit. Since the Princess is getting older, I think it’s less reasonable to post pictures of her in her pajamas and since it was a snow day yesterday, the Princess really didn’t get dressed.  Which is fine.  The Princess went to the store with me, had brunch with me, hung out in the playroom, had dinner with us, etc, etc.  She’s not an ignored family member!  But,  I’m her Mom and I didn’t want to smear the Internet with pictures of her wearing nothing but a camisole and pajama pants.  She’s too old for that now.  Big Daddy was here too.  ;) 

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