January 20, 2014

Weight Watchers–but, no menu plan?

Last Friday, Baby Bee and I picked up Auntie Awesome and drove to Weight Watchers to, what will be, our usual Friday morning. A weigh-in, a meeting and maybe a little shopping. Auntie Awesome is my kindred spirit when it comes to weight issues. She understands me without me having to say very much. Auntie Awesome has struggled with her weight her whole life, too, and she’s very good at creating a supportive environment for dieting. She’s a program pro (and those pumpkin brownies aren’t too bad either ;) I’ll pass on the black bean ones).

Last fall, Auntie Awesome and I decided we needed a break from Weight Watchers. There was too much happening and we just weren’t committed. We agreed that once we got past the holidays, we’d get back on the wagon and that’s what we did.

Weight Watchers, really, has two programs. They have their highly advertised Points Plus program that states you can eat anything you want while dieting. This is true. It’s absolutely true. Weight Watchers gives you the tools to count for anything you can think of eating. You tabulate your points, subtract it from your daily allowed points and eat away. There’s a huge amount of flexibility inside the program that makes it very appealing. Friday night pizza is allowed? It sure is. McDonald’s on the run? You can have that, too. Just count your points and make your needed adjustments. For instance, if I wanted to have a big dinner out with Big Daddy on a Friday night, I’d probably save ALL my weekly “flex” points (or whatever they’re calling them now) and have a guilt free 49 point supper.

But, that’s not your only option while doing Weight Watchers. The, up until now, less featured Simply Filling (previously Core) program. Essentially, Simply Filling gives you a list of foods to eat from. You eat from the list 90% of the time, while using your 49 flex points for indulgences (like,butter on your light toast or sugar in your coffee). The food list is very straightforward and simple (and can actually be seen here for free even if you don’t have a Weight Watchers membership).  Simply Filling is a lot less restrictive than the Core program and includes foods like light breads, whole grain pasta and soups.   But, recently, Weight Watchers must have realized that it was sitting on a little secret and now you’re encouraged to do a Simple Start, which is the Simply Filling program, for two weeks.

I’d read about what Simple Start was and, honestly, I wasn’t very interested in it.  I was going to do Points!  I was going to eat whatever I wanted.  And, then we went to the meeting with a new leader and this lady, she LIVES Simply Filling.  As she talked, I realized that I had probably sold the idea of Simply Filling a little short.  I understand from diet research that restriction doesn’t work for most people for very long nor does having to constantly count and tabulate your food.  But, what else is there if you have to diet?  If you could self regulate, you wouldn’t need a diet anyhow.  Simply Filling allows you to eat whatever quantity you want, until satisfied.

Until satisfied.

What does that even mean?  And, if I can eat food in any quantities, won’t I just go insane and eat too much?  I’m betting now, but we’ll see in a few weeks.

In any case, I’ve decided to give Simply Filling a real try, likely beyond the two weeks of Simple Start.  I have refrained from doing a menu plan for this week because I want to try and fit Simply Filling into how we eat. In short, I want to try the recipes I’m going to make and then let you know if they were something I could adapt to Simply Filling or not.  For instance, our dinner last week of Sloppy Toms on whole wheat buns, baked sweet potato fries and corn on the cob(no butter) was a meal that was entirely Simply Filling.  I think that was probably my light bulb moment.  I think we can eat like that.

I’ll keep you posted.

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5 thoughts on “Weight Watchers–but, no menu plan?

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    If I were to do WW I’d probably not do the point system and do the simply filling because it seems to make more sense for me but I’ve also taken two nutrition classes in college and my mom’s a nurse lol so it makes sense medically speaking. I don’t get how the point system works. If people want to lose weight its a lifestyle change. It becomes second nature/habit because you’re right… restriction only lasts so long. Good luck :) You can do this Jamie :)

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      Thanks! I’ve had problems over the years with the traditional WW system. They really…encourage the consumption of diet foods which I don’t believe to be healthy despite their calorie/fat/carb count. Simply Filling really stresses eating whole foods.

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    I am soooo on the band wagon( I do miss my nightly cheese and wine) but that will just have to become weekly!!!!! Good luck can not wait till friday!!!

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    Very interesting! I’m not familiar with the Simply Filling plan, but I definitely like that it emphasizes real, whole foods instead of diet-y items. Can’t wait to see how it works out for you!

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      Thanks! I’m excited, too. I’ve always struggled, a little, with how heavily Weight Watchers weighted, what I consider, to be highly processed, chemical heavy foods to be successful on their program. I love that they’re encouraging eating good, healthy, whole foods. It’s great!

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