March 17, 2014

All Littlebit Wants for Easter–and the menu plan

Littlebit was slow to get her teeth. She got her first two around the six month mark and then go no more until her first birthday. My German Grandma said that losing your teeth later was better for you because you’d have more mouth space and your teeth would be straighter. True? I don’t know, but it makes sense and you shouldn’t always believe your German grandma.

Anyhow, Littlebit’s top center tooth was loose for about a million years. She wiggled it and jiggled it, bit into every tooth extracting food she could think of and had Big Daddy try and pull it out more than once, but she was finally victorious on Saturday, during our Early St. Patrick’s Day party.

Being a tooth down as left Littlebit even more happy than usual.  The Tooth Fairy brought her money (did you know in Uruguay that they have mice that take the baby teeth and not fairies?  That’s so cute!) which she prompty offered to use to buy her own lunch.  She also makes this “great” (read annoying) hissing sound now that she is practicing at every opportunity.  It’s hard to stay mad at Littlebit for too long, though.  Her happy nature takes over.


The Menu Plan

Monday Corned beef, carrots and potatoes.  Of course

Tuesday Better than take out Chicken Fried Rice and sugar snap peas

Wednesday Oven baked chimichangas and veggies

Thursday Turkey burger wraps with carrot fries and fruit

Friday I think and I hope, hope, HOPE that a Date Night is coming my way.

Saturday Ranch pork chops and Parmesan orzo

Sunday Steak Oscar (thanks for the idea, lovely Sister-in-law!), roasted potatoes and veggies

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    Thanks for sharing my roasted potatoes! She is adorable! :)

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      I’m always looking for a great, oven roasted potato so I’m excited to try these. :)

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