March 10, 2014

Plese Spring Spring–And the Menu Plan!

We may be thawing.

The snow may be melting.

The forecast says we may have a few real spring like days coming up.

The clocks have sprung forward, so it’s lighter later in the evening and we don’t feel like we should go to bed at 5:30.

Soon, little bulb flowers will be pushing their heads out of cold wet ground and the sun will come back and the cold, long, snowy winter will be almost over.

I’m really not a spring person. It means mud. So. Much. Mud. The weather is nice and everyone wants to be outside and there are muddy footprints everywhere and we have to fight with the dog to wipe off her feet and she jumps up on the patio door leaving muddy prints as high as Big Daddy’s head.

But, the sun is coming back and simple trips outside won’t mean heavy, puffy coats and wondering if I have enough gloves to make it through another cold week. It’s almost spring.

Please let it almost be spring!

We feed the birds in the winter. Since this winter has been particularly long, we’ve been feeding the birds a lot. Big Daddy treks to the bird feeder through ankle deep (or deeper) snow and the cardinals wait in the trees for him to fill the feeder, again, before descending on the feeder and emptying it in less than a day. We bought a bag of bird food before we went on vacation and someone set it on the back porch.

And then this guy found it…

I don’t mind very much. I love squirrels and he’s so cute as he nibbles seeds on the porch railing with his little red tail flipped up over his head. He’s also providing entertainment for Baby Bee, Juno and Rory, the cat. Baby Bee has named him Mickey Mouse (surprise!) and I’ll be sorry when he stops racing out in the woods to eat at the buffet that’s going down on the back porch.

The Menu Plan

Monday Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo with Salad

Tuesday Loaded Baked Potato and Chicken Casserole  with broccoli

Wednesday Greek marinated chicken and briami

Thursday Bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed chicken breasts crash hot potatoes and corn

Friday Pizza night

Saturday Taco Bake

Sunday Spicy Goulash

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