March 27, 2014

Spring Reads

So it’s National Reading Month.  Were you aware that such a wonderful thing existed?  Of course, I was from my years working in Library Land.  Did I ever tell you I worked in Library Land? I did.  In three wonderful libraries. Working in a library is, essentially, my dream job and I was so glad I was able to make it happen.

Really, it’s always reading month at my house.  Books are something I’m always willing to buy and enjoy owning.  While I love the instant gratification of getting books for my kindle app, real actual books are special to me.  I could write, for paragraphs and paragraphs, about how a book feels and smells.  But, I don’t want to make Big Daddy jealous and I want to give you some great read for spring!


Currently/Soon to be Movies

The Fault in our Stars by John Green.  I have a friend in book ground that “does sad”.  “We do sad”, she’s said to me on occasion, and she’s right.  I’ll read a sad book.  I’ll cry until my eyes are swollen and I’m a snotty mess.  I think books SHOULD do that to you.  Books should invoke something within you and make you feel something.  The Fault in our Stars is one of those books, for me.  I read it on vacation, on our last trip to Fripp Island and I stayed up late and tried to cry quietly to not disturb Big Daddy and Baby Bee who were sleeping with me, peacefully.  It is a book about cancer and teenagers, but it’s so much more than that.  This is note the angst ridden “OMG!  I’m Seventeen and I Have Cancer!!!1!” books of your youth.  This is…beautiful.  Read it before the movie comes out so you, too, an be one of those judgy bookish sorts, silently comparing every detail to the book. It’s actually great fun.


Divergent by Veronica Roth

This one is now out in theaters, I’m pretty sure.  Or will be quite soon.  I won’t see the movie until I give this a re-read.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.  Divergent takes place in Dystopian Future Chicagoland.  Society is divided into personality types and that tells you everything from where you’ll live to where you’ll work.  Our heroine, Beatrice (aka Tris), can’t be so easily pigeonholed and…you guessed it.  Is going to blow the lid off the thing.  Liked the Maze Runner and Hunger Games series?  Here’s another triology for you.  Now, I admit I have NOT read book three in this series.  It’s gotten mixed reviews and I’m reluctant.  I’m sure I will read it, but don’t spoil it for me, in the meantime.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

This book is a one way ticket to crazy town and if you don’t finish the book going “WTF did I just read” I don’t know what to say.  I actually cannot WAIT to see this story translated onto the big screen and I like Ben Affleck so score for me.  I’m not telling you anything about plot, but you probably have had to live under a rock to not have heard some scuttle about this book.    I’m thinking reading the book first may be key to enjoying this movie, considering how it was written.


Coming Soon…to my Kindle

The First Fifteen Lives of Henry August by Claire North.  Because I like stories about reincarnation.


Reading soon from my Shelves

The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Laine Moriarty

This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E Smith  Well, it’s about on-line dating which, hello, I support.  And, it’s epistolary, which is a big plus in my book, too.



What’s on your to read list for the next few months?

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