April 4, 2014

Disney Recap: See Ya Real Soon

So, I admit it.  I’ve been bitten hard by the Disney bug.  A lot of my spare time is spent trying to decide how to best convince Big Daddy to agree to another trip right now.  We are in negotiation for Fall 2015.  He made a face at me, but I have a good ace in the hole, so I think it might work out.

For me, I grew up a Disney kid.  My Mom loved Disney.  She was always at the store within a day of new videos being released and she had an extensive collection.  When the Disney Channel was a pay channel like HBO and Starz, she would tape the free weekends in their entirety, so we could watch Disney Channel programming over and over. And, we did.  I can sing you the theme song to the show “Dumbo’s Circus” right now.  Walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom don’t quite feel like coming home, but they always feel like going back.  I’m not just a mother blinking back tears as little mouths fall open when the spy the castle at the end of Main Street.  I remember that feeling, too.  For an imaginative child, Disneyworld always made anything seem possible.  The castle was real.  It was proof of the delicious possibility of anything.

Walt Disney knew that, of course.  That it was one thing to present these amazing stories that allowed children to imagine themselves being amazing things; frontiersman, pirates, princesses but then, he gave them a place where it was all real.  Where it was all possible.

Disneyworld (and Land, too, I’m sure) have this amazing quality about them.  No matter how many people are in the park at the time of your visit nor how many people walk through the gates, Disneyworld feels like it’s yours.  That’s probably why you so happily hand over your wallet.  It sounds so crazy, but I see it time and time again.  Disneyworld has this quality about it.  You feel special there.  You feel it is special. Reading about people’s favorite things to do at Disneyworld always has a quality of “this is ours and ours alone”. It’s not, but it always feels that way which is amazing surrounded by the mass of humanity having that moment along with you.

I admit to Wishes being one of my favorite things in the entirety of Disneyworld.  It’s just this perfect moment.

For a kid with so many wishes, standing in front of the castle, it’s just the perfect moment.  My perfect moment.  Just for me.  And then, I turn and see Baby Bee’s face or the smile spread across Littlebit’s face or the tears welling up in the corner of the Princess’s eyes because it’s their moment too.Disney, please take my money!

Sorry, Big Daddy.

See Ya Real Soon, Castle.  Save a showing of Wishes for me.

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2 thoughts on “Disney Recap: See Ya Real Soon

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    Hahaha, it’s very powerful, the Disney virus. We go back as a family pretty much every year now.

    This year I’m especially excited because in addition to THAT trip, I’m going again this fall for a long weekend with a group of women.

    I wish my husband and I could sneak there alone, though — that would be my dream trip.

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      I’d love a girls only trip or a couple trip. I think it would be so much fun! I love taking the kids, but I really want to visit one day without kids. We’ll see what I can talk Big Daddy into. ;)

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