April 11, 2014

Flashback Fridays-Aprils Past

I was revisiting my old blog this week.  I wrote there before I wrote here.  There is good, but I like here better.  The old things I wrote are a little cringe worthy.  I’ve changed a lot in the 11 years since I began to blog.  My voice has changed for the better and I think I’m better at saying things now.

I was going to pull some posts over there, thinking it would be fun to let you all read some of the things that I wrote a minimum of four years ago, but….I haven’t found anything I want to share yet, words wise.  The angsty posts I wrote as I came up to the anniversary of my Mother’s death don’t sit right with me anymore.  That’s not to say I still don’t feel sad about her being gone, I do.  I just feel that sadness differently, now.

Six years ago I sewed the Princess’s first communion dress.  I needed some help from my mother-in-law and Big Daddy’s Grandma, but it was just lovely and so perfect for the Princess at that time…


Seven years ago, Littlebit celebrated her first Easter.  It was a tough season with a lot of sadness, but Littlebit and the Princess were the bright bits.


Eight years ago, we were still a family of three and this little girls was our whole world.

In retrospect, that wasn’t a good thing.  We didn’t do a good job of balancing our love with the Princess’s needs.  We were too indulgent and expected too little from her.  She has grown into an amazing, responsible young lady despite our short comings.  We learned our lesson and her sisters are parented differently.


Nine years ago, this gold old boy was still a young lad with so much energy and joy.  We were spending our last month in our IL home, for a while.  We had no way of knowing how soon we’d be back and how different things would be when we got there.

Ten years ago, this handsome fella and I went to Arizona for an entire week while Gramps and Gran watched the Princess.

He is wearing white shorts. Don’t judge us.  They were probably cheap which was our MO for most clothes at that time.  And, the 90’s weren’t that far away then.  Sorry, Big Daddy.


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