May 14, 2014

Brighter Days

This weekend, the little girl rolled in the yard until their legs were stained green and I called them Shrek. Our feet are bare and things are blooming again. Big Daddy and I have a great project underway that I’m hoping to share next week. Our windows are thrown wide open and the temperatures (at least the beginning of this week) have been in the high 70s/low 80s and I’m spending a lot of time thinking about our summer plans.

Over the years, I’ve tried different strategies to help us manage our summer.  I don’t want us to be strictly planned!  That’s too much, but we have had some summers where I haven’t had a plan and then it starts to feel like we didn’t get to do anything.  Striking that balance feels hard, sometimes.   I’ve tried different techniques in the past, but this year I’m giving the following a try.

Weekly Schedule

Around Town Monday-This is pretty self-explanatory.  We won’t be traveling far and wide on Mondays.  We can go to the park pool, visit the playground, go to the library, go for walks, have lunch or go for ice cream.  I may extend this to a couple of neighboring small communities as well, in case we run out of things to do in our immediate locale.

Yes, we live in a small town and, yes, that’s more than possible.

Couch ‘Tater Tuesday-Another fairly self-explanatory plan.  One day a week, we’ll have a double feature along with a small cooking activity where the girls help prepare lunch.  We’ll be watching old favorites as well as new titles.

Make it, build it, craft it, do it Wednesday-Our activity time will be focused on crafts and other at home experiences.  I have a few building projects in mind for this summer as well.  The girls love crafts and similar activities, so this is sure to be a favorite day

Out and About Thursday -This is probably self-explanatory, too. We’ll be heading out to have fun outside of town. Zoo trips, bowling, Chuck E Cheese, swimming, movies and anything else that sounds fun will make the list.

Fun Friday-To be determined by Mom.


I’ve also roughed in a small daily schedule that I’ll share for anyone interested.  It’s not too strict and addresses my need to limit screens, encourage outdoor play AND learning while making sure we have tons of summer fun


9:00-Breakfast is served, get dressed and head out to play

10:00-Everyone pitches in on chores

11:00-Quiet time (reading, puzzles, workbooks, coloring)

11:30-TV time before lunch

12:00-Lunch and clean up

12:30-Daily Activities (aka FUN!)

4:30-activity clean up  (the girls will split off here and play until dinner)

The evening won’t really have a time schedule (and the above is subject to change.  I more like to stick to the order of the thing and not the times)

Evening will look like this

dinner and cleanup

family time



stories and tidy



I’m hoping to keep screen time to about an hour a day except for couch tater tuesday when we’ll binge watch a little bit.  Limiting screen time is a big issues we struggle with and I don’t want our number one activity this summer to have been wearing a body impression into the couch.


What are your plans for summer?   How much structure do you end up seeking?  Do you abandon the schedule entirely?

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