June 30, 2014

Goodbye June–AND the menu plan

The first third of summer is already gone.  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  That’s always the case.  I feel like I’m digging in my heels, trying not to let one minute slip through my fingers.  The girls have been getting along so well and I’ve felt so peaceful about things.

To make matters worse, the school supplies are already coming out and I know what it feels like to be those people who start fussing about Christmas stuff coming out in the stores so early.  Quit taking my summer, school!  We still have 2/3 left!

I won’t say I’m sorry to see July, however.  We have a lot of awesome stuff coming up and even though I’m trying to slow down and enjoy every single June day, I can’t say I’m super sorry to see July peeking it’s head over the fence.


We are having a “clean out the pantry/freezer” sort of week.  I’ll probably buy some fresh produce and some odds and ends to make meals, but overall, I want to use some stuff up.  I feel like we get ahead of ourselves sometimes and buy things we don’t use right away and suddenly the pantry and the freezer are bursting at the seams and we still have nothing to eat.  It’s kind of weird.

Monday Spaghetti with broccoli.  Baby Bee requested this for her birthday dinner, but we had cake for dinner instead.

TuesdaySloppy Toms, oven fries and carrots

Wednesday Southwest Chicken Chopped Salad

ThursdayBelated Date Night Menu (if Auntie Awesome is agreeable) Steak Bite, grilled zucchini and roasted garlic mushrooms.

FridayPicnic at the Park! Smoked pork and other picnic goodies! I have a ton of pasta, so I’m thinking I will probably make a pasta salad.

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