September 10, 2014

Easy Post-It Schedule

My philosophy on how to raise children is usually contradictory.  First, I believe that children do better with a predictable schedule and we do work to maintain one in our house, particularly around school mornings and bedtimes.  However, in the next breath, I’m likely to tell you that being too much of a slave to the schedule isn’t good for anyone.  Children need predictability, but they also need to learn how to be flexible.   You don’t want your kid pulling  Dante Hicks because the potty lid is down and he can’t put it up because it’s against the grain of things.

I’ve made up printed schedules in the past and in some ways and in some times, they work very well.  The problem always came up, for me, when I needed the schedule to be flexible.  Or, really, when I realized that no two of our week nights are the same during the school year.  That would mean creating five different schedules to deal with our Monday-Friday after school evenings and that seemed really counter intuitive.

I’ve seem a few schedule ideas using Post-Its floating around Pinterest, namely this one that I found super appealing.

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I liked how easy it would be to change things, so we could customize our schedule by day, which is what we were missing from our printed schedules all along!


I encourage Baby Bee to check the schedule each afternoon, so she has an understanding of our day.  I wanted to keep it very visual with supporting words.   Littlebit liked it so much, I decided to go ahead and make one for our evenings!  Baby Bee thought the playroom tab meant we were off to the toy store.  To be honest, it’s pretty much the same thing.

These also make it easy for Big Daddy and the Princess to have an idea of what our evenings look like. I like how easy they are to change. I have sheets printed out with our evening activities so I can just swap out my Post-Its tomorrow!  It takes just a few minutes to peel off the previous notes, stick them to their sheet and place the new ones.

Printing on Post-Its is pretty easy, as well. I started by making a template document in Open Office Writer (but, you could do the same with Word or any other word processing program you had). I created 3×3 boxes and then used a text box to insert both the title and some of the graphics (more than half of the graphics used are free dingbats from and the rest are free clipart).  I kept my daily plan simple with just four items (though, there’s always more than four steps to each afternoon and each evening).


It’s really very easy to print on Post-Its and I’ve seen some adorable ideas for teachers and families. I’m kind of sorry I didn’t discover the idea of using Post-Its a long time ago.

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