September 3, 2014

I feel bad for Jennifer Lawrence…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and don’t follow social media in any way, you might now have known that over the weekend a Hacker released tons of nude pictures of current, popular celebrities.  The hacker, initially, released the pictures on 4Chan and released more in exchange for being sent bitcoins.


Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence has a lot of fans because about a dozen different shots of her in various states of undress were released.  A few celebrities denied they were in the picture, Kate Upton expressed outrage that private pictures of her with her boyfriend Justin Verlander had been “leaked” and JLaw (Jennifer Lawrence) unleashed her publicist.

Because JLaw is admitting that her pictures are real and they are everywhere.

Now, as Mom’s in the 21st century, we have to have talks with our offspring about NOT sending nude pictures to people (and we get to be thankful that we didn’t have text messaging back in the “nineteens” so our teen exploits won’t have to live on someone’s hard drive to be considered for blackmail at some point).  The moment you text or snapchat or IM your picture to someone, you lose control over it.  Even you sweet, sweet girlfriend/boyfriend might not be so sweet one day and then  they have pictures of your junk.  A nice person would delete them. An okay person would keep them to gaze upon with fondness when they were lonely and a not nice person would text them to fifteen of their/your closest friends when the break-up went sour.

And, you don’t get to control any of that.

But that’s not what Jennifer Lawrence, nor any of the other celebrities who were exposed, did.  The pictures were not leaked, they were stolen by someone who hacked into iCloud and took what wasn’t theirs.  I’m not going to talk about the problem with iCloud security that allowed this to happen, mostly because 1) I know nothing about it and 2) I thought everyone had their own cloud and that is not true, apparently.  Maybe Big Daddy can do a guest article about protecting your information in the cloud for dummies but I’m digressing.  Jennifer Lawrence took some pictures of herself that were hers and private and now everyone has seen them.

Yes, I understand that if you don’t want anyone to see nude photos of you, that you shouldn’t take them, but that’s kind of beside the point.  These photos weren’t leaked from a spurned lover.  If they had, I’d shake my head and cluck my tongue and be a little sad that these girls weren’t just a little smarter about whom they shared things they wanted to be kept private.  No, at some point Jennifer Lawrence (and the other women) decided to take pictures.  Maybe they realized that they’re 24 and beautiful and that time will change them and they wanted pictures of what they were at that moment.  Or, maybe they took pictures of themselves to give to someone they loved or missed.  These women didn’t send things out for others to take.  They weren’t left laying around.  They were someplace that had to be hacked into to be accessed and something done because they felt beautiful or wanted someone who loved them to see them as beautiful is now being horded, saved and used by people they never intended to see it.

What can I admit?  What can you?  Big Daddy wouldn’t show someone the things that I’ve sent him over the years anymore than I would show anyone the things he’s sent me.  And, since our iCloud is accessed by ALL our iDevices, I delete the boob shots from the cloud.  But, I do that for my kids not because I expect anyone to be in there and grown adults should be able to expect some measure of privacy surrounding their own things.

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