October 27, 2014

Easy Boo Bombs!

We have been overrun with perfect autumn weather.  It’s probably due to global warming and I feel bad about loving it so much considering it could beause there’s a dire global environmental problem, but…well…the weather has been amazing.  We spent this weekend to be sure the girls were clear of the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease that we had dealt with over the last week.  It was a good thing to have to be at home.  We got to rest and relax.

And tie up some loose ends.

Of course, a lot of the fun supplemental Halloween activities took place last week when we were quarantined and I always feel bad when we miss out on that stuff because the kids love it so much.  I had these little boo bombs planned and knew that we had to give them a go to try and win back a little bit of our missed fun.

These little boo bombs are so easy to make and really inexpensive. We only needed to buy baby powder and made sure to save our eggs from breakfast a few mornings. The most difficult part of this task was cracking the eggs carefully to preserve the egg while making a big enough hole to let the egg out.

Growing a Jeweled Rose has a great tutorial, so I wont reinvent the wheel. The process is pretty easy; fill your empty egg shell with baby powder, blue some tissue paper over the top to seal the powder inside and then let the kids loose on the driveway.

The Princess threw them as hard a she could, Littlebit liked to run into her throw and Baby Bee went freestyle. The girls liked them so much they came in to make more bombs with the egg rejects.

You can also mix crushed chalk in with the baby powder to color your smoke and I think we’ll give that a try next summer.

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    I had to close the window quickly when my son walked up. The Ninja Turtle episode yesterday was about them making ninja smoke bombs out of eggs just like this (though they used flash powder). If he saw this I would have to blow out a dozen eggs immediately and I don’t think I have any baby powder. Ha ha! Pinning for later. #sitsblogging

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      Actually you can grind up chalk to mix with the powder to make colors. Green for sewer gas?

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