November 10, 2014

Times Change

A little more than four years ago, Big Daddy and I departed on a new adventure.    We moved five hundred miles away from our little white house in Illinois and moved to small town Ohio.  Big Daddy set up an office off of the living room and began to telecommute full time.  The telecommuting years have been very good for me.  Having Big Daddy available to me all day has done so much to heal my anxiety.  It gave me the time to work with a therapist and start to work myself out.  My confidence has returned.  I’m pretty sure I’m not just going to drop dead and yes, I’m totally serious about that.

Big Daddy has become my true helpmate these past four years.   He does breakfast and brushes tangled hair.  He watches Baby Bee so I can volunteer with Littlebit’s class.  He goes to day time conferences with me. A few times, we’ve been able to sneak away for a weekday breakfast.
Our little girls don’t know a Daddy that leaves the house to go to work.   Baby Bee actually gets a little…weird…when Big Daddy isn’t at home.  In their world, life means always having a mommy and a daddy at home.    It’s an opportunity that most people never get to have, but…

There’s always a but, isn’t there?

But, life moves in seasons and the season of Big Daddy being at home full time, all the time has ended.

It’s one of those bittersweet moments.  It feels like a rite of passage, in a way.  Big Daddy is moving on to something bigger and better and his world will get a little bigger than it has been these past four years.  It’s something he needs and it’s a time in our lives where the travel his new opportunity will entail won’t be so difficult.   The doors that are cracking open are exciting.  It’s a big step forward for Big Daddy in his career and, we’re so lucky that when he’s not traveling he’ll still be at home. With us.  With me.

I’m sure there are people who think Big Daddy is a little bit insane for giving up his good at-home gig and they probably think I’m just as insane for encouraging him to take this new opportunity.  But, I didn’t marry a static creature.  I married a very dynamic man with an amazing mind.  He’s driven and ambitious and an extrovert and the very best person I know and I knew that he needed to spread his wings some.

But, just a little bit.

We’re happiest together.

Good luck, Big Daddy.  Not that you’ll need it.


The Menu Plan
MondayPork Fried Rice
Tuesday Shake and Bake chicken, rice and veggies (Look, maybe shake and bake is cheating a little bit, but it tastes good, isn’t totally unhealthy and it’s fast and sometimes that’s fine)
Wednesday Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps and Spanish rice
Thursday Sloppy Toms
FridayShrimp Scampi
SaturdayDinner Out
SundayCrockpot Beef and Noodles

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    u still have us to count on when he is not there, I hope that comforts u<3

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      I’ll miss him being here all the time, but I wouldn’t have encouraged him if I weren’t sure everything would be fine. :)

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