December 5, 2014

December Daily-The Fifth

I had trouble sleeping last night. That probably doesn’t surprise you if you read yesterday’s entry. I tossed and turned and watched 8 Crazy Nights twice. I hope to be able to sleep in this morning to catch up a little bit, but Pepper, the elf, ate candy and Littlebit couldn’t find her shoes and Luna wanted to be pet and actually bit my elbow twice. I managed to fall back to sleep for about twenty minutes after Littlebit was off to the bus, but I woke up feeling no better.

I was still so overwhelmed and my bedroom was a mess.

I know some parents who really don’t let their kids in their bedroom, but for Big Daddy and me it’s always been a family space. For a while, it held the only other tv in the house, so if Big Daddy was watching hockey on the “big” tv, some collection of girls and I would snuggle up in the big bed to watch in my room. Because we don’t prevent the kids from being in our room and using it, sometimes the mess can get overwhelming and, like a lot of people, our room becomes a catch all for things we don’t have time to deal with or don’t know what to do with. After a brief meltdown, where I listed the ten million things I had to do to Big Daddy, I sucked it up and tackled my room. And, it was funny, as I made progress on the bedroom I felt myself feeling better, too.


I put away the laundry and the cleaned up the mess that had spilled out/over into the hallway. And then, I asked for help. Why is that so hard? Big Daddy helped me arrange things a little bit so things would be a little less stressful on me.

He also helped me hang the garland and he’s pretty much going to help me every year because it’s much easier to have someone who’s more than a foot taller than you hang things on the top of the windows.


So, tomorrow we’ll get up and have a warm breakfast and drive a while to cut down a Christmas tree. A seven foot blue spruce, of course, the same we’ve had the past three years. We’ll buy an ugly Christmas sweater for the Princess to wear as she marches in the Christmas parade. We’ll pick up fruit and hope it doesn’t rain too much.

We’ll trim the tree and I’ll get a little bit weepy as we pull the entirety of our lives out of the ornament boxes. I’ll hang the little kitten in a stocking that was my first ornament and the little pink heart and the little booties that were the girls. And it will all be all right.

Dinner we got to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday this evening and had pizza and cake with family.

Listening to Christmas by Michael Buble

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