December 2, 2014

December Daily-The Second

It’s dreary, today. My weather alert when off in the early morning hours to tell me about winter weather warning (or something like that) and it’s been gray and damp. The kind of gray where the lamps in the living room barely make a dent.


Everyone seems a bit slow today. The girls went back to school today after the long weekend and we all seemed reluctant to give it up. Littlebit, who loves school, was heard to say that she can’t wait for Christmas break. We solved the duldrums with twirling…

…and cupcake baking.

I continue to dig away at the decorating and it’s finally starting to draw to a close. Just a few more decorating jobs on my to-do list and I can cross that off for the rest of the month.  The pine garland for the windows waits in the garage, the lights for the garland on the stairs is waiting to be strung.  The nativity scene and ceramic tree have their spaces cleared and on Friday we’ll trudge out in the muck to the Christmas tree lot where I’ll direct big Daddy to find me a 7 foot blue spruce.


Tonight, we made and hung our sugar plum fairies.  We first made these several years ago and all they cost is a few sheets of paper and a little time and I have to say, they’re one of the prettiest decorations we put up.  Like paper chains and stings of popcorn and cranberries, I’ve found that our favorite and most beautiful decorations, over the years, are things that are cobbled together with simple materials.


Of course, two foot high glittery silver trees are good things, too.





Dinner Easy Chicken Pot pie

Watching: Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.

Listening to: A Very She and Him Christmas


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