December 3, 2014

December Daily-The Third

Baby Bee needed to sleep in today.  After many years of struggle and taking some good advice from my therapist, we have finally gotten to the point where Baby Bee can put herself to sleep and then sleep peacefully through the night.

Yes, Baby Bee IS five and a half years old. Thank you for remembering.

We’ve discovered, though, that Baby Bee is just exhausted in the evening.  She melts down and gets really frustrated, so we decided to start timing her sleep and then adjusting her bedtime.  Typically, she goes to bed at the same time as Littlebit, anywhere from 8:45 to 9:00, but then it takes her 10-15 minutes to settle into sleep.  Big Daddy and I opted to move her bedtime to 8:30 (meaning she’d be asleep by 9 and then able to get the 10 hours of sleep we think she needs by her 7 am wake up time).  This morning, however, Baby Bee got up, ate oatmeal and fell back to sleep for another hour.  We’ll stick with trying to get her a full ten hours of sleep and seeing how she fares because buying her another hour of sleep will complicate a lot of things.

So, I had a helper.

The little girls were excited to find Pepper swinging in the doorway this morning.  The girls have a doorway swing in the playroom and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a gift for an active kid this holiday season.  The price is a little steep and the link I provided seems to have it for the best price, but it’s a great way for kids to burn off lots of energy inside.  I think I reccomend this toy every year, but we’ve had it for several years, it still gets heavy use and it’s still in great shape.  What more can you ask for?

I finally got the garland lit.  I love how easy it is to tuck the wires down amongst the balls.  I made this garland last year and I still love it.  It’s a cinch to make and you don’t have to be crafty to pull it off. However, I would recommend waiting until after Christmas to buy your supplies. There are always LOADS of the big containers of shatterproof (aka plastic) ornaments at Walmart for 50-70% off after Christmas, which makes this project super inexpensive. Also, I used cotton yarn because it doesn’t stretch very much and is difficult to break.

Just a little bokeh.

Dinner Tuna Noodles Romanoff. When we were fist married, I had a little Betty Crocker easy dinners cook book.  That cookbook is long gone, but we still love tuna noodles romanoff.

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