May 10, 2015

State of the Mom 2015

It seems like every time I log into facebook there’s an article from someone telling people how to Mom. You’ve probably read them. I have. How to say yes! How to say no! How create a magical childhood! Don’t create a magical childhood! Let your kids free range! Hover, for God’s sake!

It’s a tough time to be a Mom. Not only are we assaulted on every side by contradictory articles telling us what to be, but we watch everyone’s highlight reels scrolls by on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and we wonder why the hell we can’t manage to make our own spaghetti sauce and sew our kids underwear while keeping the house immaculate. 

As my kids get older, I find this sort of stuff doesn’t affect me anymore. I just don’t care what anyone thinks about my parenting. I do not care if someone thinks I over do it or under do it. 

I do not care. 

It is my job and mine alone to create the childhood and home life that I want for my kids and family. It is something of which I am proud and in which I find joy and satisfaction. 

I wish I could have come to this place sooner. I wish I could have attacked my motherhood with this confidence sooner. I wish I could have given the gift of a confident mother to the Princess.  

We spend so much time worried about the details of things that don’t matter at all.  Oh, sure, Baby Bee still sleeps with us and we let our kids use the iPad and watch tv and I feed them McDonalds.  Maybe those seem like bad ideas to you. 

Don’t care. 

In fact, make that your new mom mantra. 

Yes, I love to cook from scratch. You don’t know how I find the time? I do. Don’t like it? I don’t care. 

Yes, we eat out every night. I’m an awful cook. You think that’s a bad idea? Don’t care. 

We don’t do screen time in our house? You think our kids will be behind in school? Thanks, but I don’t care. 

You think we have too much screen time? Still don’t care. 

Are your children fed and loved? Are they safe? Are they learning? Are they growing and thriving? Yes?

Then who cares. 

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