July 9, 2015

16 Lessons

Lesson 1

Don’t pick fights. 

Lesson 2

Your way may not be the only right way. 

Lesson 3

Expensive mistakes can come in small packages.  Don’t let your heart lead in matters of finance 

Lesson 4

Never put up the Christmas Tree at Thanksgiving 

Lesson 5

Never feel guilty about taking time to reconnect as a couple. When the kids have grown, you’ll still have each other. Don’t let that person become a stranger 

Lesson 6

Never mix friends and money. Or family and money. 

Lesson 7

No one likes a martyr. Not even the martyr. 

Lesson 8

Never assume the vacation rental has air conditioning. 

Lesson 9

Grief is a journey and it takes the path it takes.  

Lesson 10

Sleep is underrated. 

Lesson 11

Friends are the family you choose. 

Lesson 12

Sometimes life leads you. Follow. 

Lesson 13

Make vacations a priority. Money is fleeting, but experiences stay forever. 

Lesson 14

The happiness of the family is not determined by one person 

Lesson 15

Mom was right. Don’t fight over money. 

Lesson 16

There is such thing as being too nice. 
Happy Anniversary, Big Daddy.  Here’s to many, many more. 

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