July 21, 2015

The Mighty Perler Bead

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found the holy grail of child activities.  It is affordable, versatile and appeals to all ages.

It is the mighty, mighty perler bead.

Several years ago, I featured the perler bead as a part of these adorable Christmas ornaments, but that’s not their traditional application.  You purchase the beads and a plastic peg board and the options become endless.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we played with perler beads for two straight days.


It takes concentration and fine motor skills, so it was also quiet.


They involve lots of great pre-math skills like sorting and counting!

They allow you to use your ability to type and spell and search the internet for patterns!  And, this is another great benefit because then Mom doesn’t have to try and figure out how they heck to make Anna and Elsa out of perler beads.

And, yes, you can.  By the way.

We bought our big tub of perler beads at Joann’s with a 50% off coupon, but Amazon.com’s every day price is as good!  I also made a mistake and only bought two of the peg boards. This was a very big mistake because it meant sharing. Honestly, creating one complicated design can take an hour, easily, so having to share something that takes so long to become available stinks so make sure you have one peg board per person wanting to craft.

Coloring for adults is getting really popular, but I say go off the beaten path.  I found making perler bead creations to be every bit as soothing as coloring can be.  Give it a try and maybe you’ll get two straight days of peace and quiet, too.


p.s  We got some awesome patterns at Kandipatterns.com. There are plenty of patterns there for whatever you’re interested in.

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